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have you ever really really taken a word and sat with it for any length of time?

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I have been playing around with word mantras lately and I have found them to be really REALLY inspiring.

Spending a few moments in the morning waiting to feel what one word may be inspiring, or soothing is a really helpful tool, especially if life is throwing you curve balls, changes, or you are simply wanting to deepen your meditation practice.

If you are feeling stuck, or unsure, anxious, anything like this and you feel it weighing on you, try finding a word to focus on.  Words like appreciation, or satisfaction, OH ABUNDANCE are really really good ones I have found to shift  your feelings from frustration, anger, anxiety and the like.  When you are feeling stuck in general and can’t get yourself out of your own way (it happens) and you know your feelings will continue to steamroll into bigger and bigger fretting, this little exercise can be very helpful.

After you have shut your mind off for a few moments and can breath without the mental boxing match we are always in, find your word.

You will want to make sure it resonates with you.  So if you are feeling a financial pinch and stress from that, a word like abundance can really shift your feelings about it.

For example:  find all the things and ways you feel abundant:  Abundance of …. fresh air, cool breezes, blueberries in your fridge, wagging tails from your pups (if you have them) or cat purrs, abundance of hellos from people you pass by, and abundance of lip gloss in your makeup bag, abundance of paper clips, and Cheetos :/.  Maybe abundance of giggles from your kiddos, and abundance of orders to fill at your job, abundance of work which can lead to abundance of savings.  Abundance of opportunities, and of appreciation.  Abundance of cars to chose from when you are ready to buy your next one. Abundance of happiness, and of peace.  Abundance of texts from friends and of shoes to wear.  Abundance of mismatched socks to play with, and abundance of coffee options at Starbucks.

In a few moments you can be on a roll and raising your vibrations, feeling better moment by moment until oh my gosh you feel pretty darn abundant.

You have just spent a few moments feeling abundant instead of anxious and then, THEN just take an abundance of deep breaths 🙂 , and go back to your very abundant day and see what pops up that you know is abundant.  Its pretty magical!

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You can even take a trip around the alphabet to see how many abundant synonyms can you abundantly find.

My list of inspiring words is growing because I like to keep a journal and write down the ones that pop up if I am somewhere with a desk and pen.    Here are a few of my favorites:  Abundance, Appreciation, Success, Triumphant, Allowing, FUN, Happiness, Peace, Satisfaction, Gratitude, Alignment, NEW, positive potential, joy…..  you get it.

I am a big believer in manifestation, so if you need a different view of things, give this a try!



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