Look UP when life hucks a curveball at you



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You know that feeling when life is piling up on you a pretty heavy load? You start to feel that little bit of pressure and wonder OHMYGOSHIMGONNASTARTDROPPINGPLATES!

When you can’t get off work early AND you still have two errands and try to hit the gas station just so well timed that  you don’t get stranded because you are on vapors but the store closes very soon?

How about when the demands of the day are tense or draining?

Or you bills are higher than anticipated AND your water heater blew out.

You’re feeling it now aren’t you.  I AM. Just reading this is causing a little anxiety and my water heater is just fine.

But you feel it I bet! That low grade panic, or building up of pressure.

I feel the most of us get very used to that feeling and live with it on a regular basis.  We accept that its just a part of life, and for many it is.


Should we just accept the hustle and ove- scheduled, living-on-the-edge stress as a regular occurrence?



A lady boss of mine eons ago jokingly used to say she “manages by crisis” and it took me years to understand what she meant. (I was like still super young and not a mom myself yet, OR a homeowner, just a girl with a job, wondering what on earth lady boss is talking about)

Manage by crises!

It sounded funny so I laughed but to be honest I didn’t really connect with the meaning of that until much later on.

And then it happened.

One day I SAID IT about myself, and I stopped cold in my tracks.  WAIT WHAT?

I “Manage by crisis” as a descriptor of my type of navigation skills.

I did NOT like it, nor how it felt to be living my life by just putting fire after fire.

(it also wasn’t really true I was just having a haggard day and that odd little saying flew out of my mouth which is another topic I want to discuss soon)

I figured out pretty quickly it was just poor time-management on my part and resolved to be a MUCH BETTER LADY BOSS than my old boss.  I have always been pretty darn good at organizing my life, my to do’s and my time, but I could do better.

And I did

And I still do so today.

As a matter of fact I’m pretty darn good at getting a lot done, in an organized manor, and without feeling overwhelmed or that anything feels a “crisis”.

yay me.

I can tell you that daily and regular tolerable panicky feeling is NOT conducive to a healthy mind or body and I feel it LOUD AND CLEAR whenever I feel a bit wrung out so I avoid it at all costs.

I also do this little thing when I know I’m walking into a tense staff meeting, or have to deal with something not as fun as getting my nails done.

” YOU GOT THIS GIRL” and “I HAVE PHENOMENAL COPING SKILLS( I learned that one from my RTT™ training and its BOMB.)


and you DO!

Just take some big breaths and remember that “THINGS ALWAYS WORK OUT” and they do.  That the UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK, and it does.  You might have to practice it a bit if your typical beliefs are not matching.  If you catch yourself saying things like “My neighbor is a NIGHTMARE, or I ALWAYS GET DUMPED ON, or I ALWAYS GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK… stuff like that than you have a little unraveling to do.

Life is a crazy wonderful journey my loves, and when you feel like a “crisis manager” just remember YOU GOT THIS, and get a dayplanner 🙂

Stress is such a legitimate lethal killer and ANYTHING you can do to reduce or GREATLY eliminate it will greatly reduce your chances of illness, depression, and a large list of ailments you do not want,  so don’t be a Manage by Crisis-er please.

Be a I GOT THIS-ger.


be well lovelies.



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