Happy Valentine’s Day

Well if it being FRIDAY isn’t enough to put some pep in your step how about we take it one step further and say


person wearing red sweater and black pants holding bouquet of pink flowers
Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

I hope that you feel full of LOVE and JOY!

I am so happy to see that messages of SELF CARE and SELF LOVE and popping up all over the place because one of the saddest occurrences are those time when we feel not enough because we are not in relationship or even if we are, but are not being celebrated for being the FANTASTIC being that WE ARE!

There can be so much pressure, costs and what-not to holidays and I don’t always put too much stock into them, but I am a HUGE advocate for SELF CARE!

GET YOURSELF some FLOWERS, your FAVORITE ONES and proudly display them somewhere where you will see them.

SEND yourself a mushy gushy card saying all the things  you need and want to hear!  I am telling you this truth… we say a lot of negative things to ourselves too often, but how often do you tell yourself HOW AMAZING YOU ARE, HOW GORGEOUS YOU ARE, and HOW LOVABLE YOU ARE?

close up of tree against sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It may seem awkward at first but your sub-conscious mind is listening and if you are needing to hear how LOVED you are and how AMAZING you are and how BEAUTIFUL you are, TELL YOURSELF!

Tell your best girl friends or family or anyone you want to tell how much you appreciate THEM!

Share the message of love all around, heck hug your dog and tell your flower beds how much you love them.

You will quickly find that your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and LOVE IS LOVE and the message needs to be spread.  So many of us do not feel enough and that causes so many problems in our lives, sadly.


To your family, loved ones, special someone, the planet, the coffee barista, your pets, your children, and most importantly,  YOURSELF.

And I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE and I LOVE YOU ALL!



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