A memoir about positivity


Are you feeling that mid-week drag? Are you hankering for the weekend??

To be honest, for the most part my days are pretty energizing.  Each day has its own goal, and special thing I look forward too but once in a while I have over-done it or office life was a little more hectic or customers were tense.

When those days or moments arrive that is when I use my special weapon!  What is that you wonder? 

I have my arsenal of feel goods that I like to save to CELEBRATE those challenging moments in my otherwise PHENOMENAL day!

I’m telling you nothing beats FEELING FANTASTIC.  Even though I may WANT to sleep in, I CHOOSE to get up and work out, and do my studies, or MAKE BATH BOMBS. Whatever is on my list for that morning that’s what I DO FIRST and I CHOOSE to do that because it FEELS FABULOUS.

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Gosh by 7am I have accomplished a day’s worth of tasks.  ALL BEFORE COFFEE.

I’ve done some hearty cardio, or meditated.  I have read that book I haven’t managed to finish at night.  I took that test I needed to get done.  I whipped up some fresh new lip gloss so I feel fancy AND happy in the knowledge that I didn’t use harsh chemicals on my body.

At that point my day is ON AN AMAZING PATH and really hard to fall over.

Once there was this customer who was very demanding and even condescending and it seemed that it turned the whole office upside down.  All day it was the topic of conversation as shocking things are and it hit me;  I was able to navigate those waters like a pro.  I know I have PHENOMENAL COPING SKILLS and I gave him my best foot forward, then got some fresh air, listened to a favorite pod-cast on my break and had a fast chat with my favorite girlfriend.  All was right with the world and I just let the rest of the office focus on that very difficult customer because quite frankly you can’t get people off a negative track if they don’t want to be.

I get it.  Its easy to get sucked into the world of negative nellies. Its almost addictive, focusing  on what’s wrong with the world and line by line chewing and gnawing on those ugly little bones.

I learned a LONG TIME AGO, that THAT is a TRAP. Once you get THAT BALL ROLLING, the MOMENTUM is hard to stop and you just attract more like it.


Its a skill that anyone can AND SHOULD LEARN.  Learning how to INTENTIONALLY set the tone of your day is one of the BEST SKILLS anyone could learn.

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Its not easy either.  Especially when there are highly negative people in your life or around it.  But the more you practice and the more you CHOOSE to ONLY FOCUS on the BEST FEELING THOUGHTS  you can find, you will soon find that SO MUCH in your life CHANGES and FOR THE BETTER.

You have to CHOOSE to walk away from conversations, you have to CHOOSE to use your words carefully.  YOU HAVE TO LEARN how to NEVER take things PERSONALLY.

You simply CHOOSE in each moment of every day, the steps you will take. MINDFULLY.

Your best guide are your FEELINGS.  DOES THAT THOUGHT FEEL GOOD OR not so much.


If it does NOT, walk away.

There is absolutely nothing good on the other side of negative feelings or negativity of any kind. EVER.

person holding a silver and black round compass
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I have learned how to navigate EVERYTHING by this method.  I have learned how to SET THE ENERGY of my environment instead of REACTING to it.  And when I DO find myself in a spot where something odd has popped up, well, YUP you guessed it…. if its negative I simply just walk away if I can and if I can’t then I approach it with honesty and positivity.  I give my best foot forward; then I go get a massage.

because, feeling good takes effort and driving all the way to the spa and then grabbing sushi on the way home so I can relax and netflix-bindge my favorite heart warming movies is a lot of work, only to then roll into a hot bath full of my fizzy bath bombs.  Its a marathon effort to pull the big guns out when life hucked you a curve ball. 

Its the best practice ever to know what makes you happy, in the healthiest of ways, so you ONLY FEEL AMAZING (so no wine pity parties or bowl of mac n cheese please) but have your list of heavy hitters when that customer vented his whole life story on you, or blamed YOU for all their problems in life.  WE all have those people in our lives and when they roll in like Uncle Eddie from Vacation in that UGLY RV, you can smile deep in your soul because YOU KNOW you get SUSHI and a FACIAL.  I have a bunch of not too expensive things I want, saved in my AMAZON CART so when I masterfully handle life’s land mines and succeed I get to pick one, like a kid at a carnival.

low angle photography of man jumping
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OH GOODIE my cranky neighbor just bent my ear about that HELLISH HOA and now I get a manicure. woo hoo.

I am kind of over exaggerating here for example’s sake but find ways, that don’t involve a vodka party OR anything that you have to overcome later like a rough TUESDAY because you have a hangover OR a swollen upset gut because you ate that greasy mac n cheese bowl just because someone barfed up verbal crap all over you.  BETTER YET DODGE IT ALL TOGETHER.  DON’T LET IT IN.  When you can learn THAT little gem your life is right as rain, almost always, unless its actually raining and then you need to go get your car washed again, but also THAT is FUN because they treat you amazing at the car wash since you are their best customer.

See how you can quickly turn lemons into A SHINY CAR.

Thoughts become things and when we think negative things, I wouldn’t plan a road trip or try and do your taxes on THAT DAY.


I do a LOT of talks on just this topic; how negativity effects you, how beliefs can dictate your life, your health, your relationships with people. It may seem like a cliche or a little Pollyanna-ish but it just comes down to how you feel, what you say and think, your self-talk, you inner-chatter and the vibration of which you live your life.

IF you don’t like something going on in your life, look around you.  Look at what you are thinking or saying about it.  Look at your beliefs. Look at how you are feeling. CHANGE ONE THING and see if it does’t affect other things around you.


and this is a BIG 

Worse case you might just freaking FEEL BETTER.  IF YOU FEEL EVEN A LITTLE BETTER, you will FEEL BETTER.  We all want relief right?  If your tooth hurts you want relief.  If your heart hurts we also want relief from that too.

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So it all comes down to that.  IF you are surrounded by people who make you feel miserable, you will only continue to feel miserable. IF your day is full of negative vibes, negative chatter, news, politics, are bickering neighbors you might just try and take inventory of that and make some slight changes.

It might only take a few OR it might take a total life makeover.



And don’t spend two seconds worrying about what that cranky lady at the check-out said. I heard a GREAT quote the other day:  Hurting people hurt people and damaged people damage people.

So if someone is being hurtful or saying VERY ugly biting things, its real obvious they are either hurting or damaged and so then you know. ONE they need help and compassion or walk the other way.

WE all have to take responsibility for our own lives.  It all starts with our thoughts and beliefs and spending a lot of quality time reflecting on how we can heal our unhealed areas or where our blocks are.  It all starts, and ends frankly, with inner reflection.

sunset love lake resort
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and that is easier said than done I TOTALLY GET IT; yet it changes everything.


be well

be positive

feel good!














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