Hurry Up Spring


Its sunny and warm outside and my bones finally feel the ache for warmer days.

I love the season of snuggles and fires and hot tea and books snug inside a warm living room.  Naps and Netflix, the quiet of Winter, the snow on distant mountains, SOCKS.

Yes yes all that is marvelous and I have thoroughly inhaled its sweet comfortable warmth.  Soups and Stews, and all manor of things baked with chicken and rice have made their mark on this dozy restful Winter.

Yet, its getting warmer outside.  It almost felt like a Santa-Ana this week. It got me stirring for Spring. It got me doodling what home improvement plans we might start working on. It got me planning my spring garden. It got me planning some camping trips.

The warmer air has me stirring more and inspecting the yard, planning more for the year and with it, a deep desire for WILDFLOWERS.


So my camera is out, about to spend some time cleaning it, maybe before the Superbowl hits and we are all screaming at the light boxes we hang on our walls. The football pools are all completed and the squares are all filled in, the menu is made and the invites are sent.

But after THAT it will be Spring planning 101 and this gal has a LOT of adventures, upgrades, school of course, creations to sell soon, and photo shoots in acres and acres of dreamy wildflowers.



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