Bath Bombs that will blow your mind

Happy Thursday World!

Did you have the kind of day I did where it was off and running since you pried your eyes open?

Did you get to work and run run run only to see the in box fuller than when you clocked in?

Spend your lunch hour running errands, picking up kiddos from school, or hit the bank?

Did you spend your break walking so you saw some sunshine and moved your body?

Did you kick off your heels (or boots, not excluding the Men Folk) only to tie on the sneakers and walk those dogs? Then start dinner cooking?  Then take care of more of the things that need taking care of?

I did and I bet you did too!

SHEW!!! Hearty pat on the back to us all!

So now what?  Dinner is ate, all the loves are cared for and dishes are cleaned up.  There’s TV??  (well Mandalorian is calling, I won’t lie).

But how about a nice 30 minute break time for YOU.  I’m pointing my finger right at YOU.  That soul that is actually reading my lil baby blog.   YES YOU!!!

Go take that long warm shower or better yet soak in a BATH.

love romantic bath candlelight
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Make sure you are taking time for YOU because I will tell you this:  All those loves of yours who rely on you for all the care and nurturing and providing and runs to soccer practice, and trips to the pet store becasue the gecko needs her bugs, all those things we do for everyone else (and us too because we like a warm house with lighting and food) can be tiring and we should take time for self care!  NO ITS IMPERATIVE.


So if Baths are your thing like they are mine, then I have a BOMB of an idea for you!

Chemical Free, all natural, synthetic fragrance free, colored by plants, BATH BOMBS.


These are colored with Tumeric and Matcha Green Tea.  Scented with tons of Lemongrass and sunflower petals.

Fizzy, foamy, bubbly, and scented, colored and filled with love.

I love bath bombs from swanky places like Lush, I really do!  I love the color and smells, and I really find it hard to not just want to try them.  And then I do that thing where I look at the ingredients and its over.

I have a 20 something page document that I printed from all the ingredients in a typical popular brand of bath bombs and it just makes me sad.

Who is using these?  WE ARE. Our DAUGHTERS are.  And we sit in warm water and open our poors and soak all those unnecessary and often dangerous chemical in.

So if you worked hard to keep up with your busy day, and took wonderful care of your tribe (which I know you did) and you are now doing the most amazing thing ever by treating yourself to some very well deserved down time, and fantastic self care…. Consider a BATH BOMB that actually is GOOD FOR YOU!

As soon as I make a fresh new batch I will load them on Etsy and let you all know.

And by the way if you are here, and you didn’t jump here via Facebook or Instagram, HEY I’m on Facebook and Instagram!

Leave a comment if you would like some bath bombs or keeping updated when I have some to sell.

A simple website is being developed currently so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, enjoy that bath, or anything you are doing for self care!  Leave me comment below sharing how YOU give yourself a well deserved time out!

~in wellness


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