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Happy New Year!!

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I hope the first few weeks of 2020 have been uplifting, empowering, PHENOMENAL!

It has been a very busy couple of months at Wild Moon HQ so I am popping in to say HELLO, with a few updates!

I am wrapping up my training as an RTT ™ Practitioner!  I am SO SO excited to be ready soon to expand my practice to include Rapid Transformational Therapy! I found the Marisa Peer program this past year and it became so impressively life changing for me I decided to add it to my list of tools as a Therapist myself.

As you may recall I gave the last quarter of 2019 the full throttle and I managed to build up so much momentum I feel like I am racing full speed right now and it feels FANTASTIC.  Behind the scenes I have been getting all the little details rolling to finally start launching my Chemical Free and Plant Based Body products so stay tuned for that!


Bath Bombs that are actually healing without any of the crazy-nasty chemical fragrances, coloring and additives, plant ingredient makeup, made with flowers, natural ingredients and LOVE! Also skin care products that are multi-purpose and delicious. I have dusted off my Etsy site, launched a Facebook account and of course I am still on Instagram.

I am in the works designing a simple website, and lets not forget SCHOOL so this Wild  Moon Mama is BUSY and LOVING every minute of it.

I really care about living a more healthy, chemical-free life that reduces our body’s toxic load, not to mention our planet.  I am dedicated to helping us all stay healthy and avoid finding ourselves sick and not living this fantastic life to its fullest POTENTIAL.  Imagine the possibilities of your life with plenty of energy, creativity,  full of your authentic-ness, happy, successful and living your dreams!  Imagine accomplishing your goals, all of them, and then making more, can there be any sweeter of a life?

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I am here to help, inspire and be a direction pointer.  I would love to work with you if you need healing, coaching and soon RTT ™ to help you reach for the stars, overcome your blocks, free yourself from your limits, whatever they are and live your dreams!

I will keep you posted as I load my Etsy site with delicious plant-based products or whip up some fun new DIY recipe.  I am so excited to see what 2020 brings, and I am ready to help YOU do the same!


with love and health




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  1. DW Wygants says:

    I forwarded this to Maleia and told her you were looking forward to talking to her XO mom

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