2019 Refections

2020 is here!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in? Did you enjoy the holidays?  Did you enjoy family time and hopefully some down time?

I hope you spent a little time reflecting on 2019 and sorting out what you loved, what you accomplished, and maybe what happened that wasn’t your favorite.

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New Year isn’t just a time for “resolutions”, I like to consider, reflect and plan.  I like to see what habits were overcome.  I like to celebrate what accomplishments were made. I LOVE to go over my journals for the beginning of the year and see what goals was I making. What was I thinking about. What were my goals?

How many of those goals are still pertinent?  Have you moved past even those? Are you still trying to get into shape or take that business class or start that hobby? Are you still even authentically interested in that activity?

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For me that was the most interesting revelation this year.  So many things I have been trying to accomplish that are still sitting there un-checked off my list.  HMMM, could perhaps I not really be interested in this goal?  PROBABLY. Or have excuses gotten in the way?   Do you have beliefs that are getting in the way?

Consider taking a few quality and important moments to reflect on your past year to see what was or was not accomplished, and honestly reflecting on why is a wonderful practice.

Maybe the idea of New Year’s Resolutions is outdated for a lot of people.  I was  always a lover of the new year’s list of goals but until recent years I sort of just kicked around the same old goals with little accomplishment.

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2019 did NOT disappoint.  I worked VERY hard this year at ALL my goals (and I had a hearty list!)  I literally LET GO  of goals that I realized were just feeding my ego, or what obviously wasn’t authentic and it felt AMAZING to let them go and find out what I really wanted. That is when I finally gained some momentum.  I got up very early most days this year, and very consistently the last quarter of the year.  I meditated, and journaled, I exercised most every morning before I had coffee even. I set my affirmations and I really cleaned up my inner chatter.  I changed my thoughts and therefore I changed my beliefs, and them my world. This was the most phenomenal year and I am even really happy for the things I found out where not what I wanted.

It was a lot of work and took some patience.   I kept at it.  I allowed the process of failure to do its work.  I allowed unfamiliar habits sink in.  I picked a habit a month to be rid of (the last half of the year anyways).

I feel like a new person and I have a lot of clarity; and I am ready for 2020 with a whole new list of accomplishments I want to achieve.

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So where are you in this process?  Do you like making resolutions? Do you like to reflect on your goals after a time period has passed?  Are you a goal setter?

I would really love to hear from you!  Sharing is how ideas are spread and support is given. Comment below any thoughts on your New Year Goals or Resolutions.




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