One Month Left of 2019!

Hello lovelies!

December is here and now that the turkey leftovers are being put away and the pie crumbs are being licked off the pan (what?) I feel it is the perfect time to reflect on the year and what is ahead!

As of today we have 29 days left of 2019! WOW what a year and how fast is THIS month going to fly!!

What can be accomplished in one month you ask?

gosh plenty!

  • a new habit can be formed (or one not wanted can be changed)
  • old outdated things cluttering around your home or work space can be re-purposed, re-homed or recycled.
  • goals made for the year can be re-assessed and you can gather some more muster and tackle it!
  • did you take that cooking class?  Did you finish that craft you meant to do?
  • did you start that new sport or revitalize one you used to love?
  • did you burn off that weight? are you close? did you give up?

The list is ENDLESS!  And also you STILL HAVE 29 DAYS LEFT!

Right now is the perfect time to re-assess and drink that power shake, tie on your sneakers and blast it to the finish line (this is metaphorically speaking, you don’t actually need to RUN unless that is what you want to do).

Why not end 2019 in a victorious way?  Why not tackle that one last thing you wanted to do?

I PROMISE you, you won’t regret it!  You might even feel AMAZING and build up some needed momentum to kick off 2020!

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