I hope everyone had a wonderful soul, gratitude, friends, family, stomach – FULL Thanksgiving!

Not surprising, Thanksgiving reminds us to be GRATEFUL for all the things, big and small, to be thankful for!

Practicing gratitude is, of course, one of the tools we can use to be HAPPIER, change our VIBRATION/FREQUENCY, uplift our hearts and generally attract well being and joy into our lives.

This isn’t any thing new. NOT a bad reminder however, to regularly remember to be thankful.

I wanted to talk about something a little different.  I wanted to talk about KINDNESS.

Its easy to find things to be grateful for.  Even if you are really struggling and life is beating you up, you can always find SOMETHING to be grateful for. You woke UP.  YOU are ALIVE.   Do you have a warm bed, clean water, a roof over your head, clothes on your body,  your body is functioning, you have loved ones, you have food?    THE SUN CAME UP for all of us today!

Can you choose KINDNESS?  You can!  Its a choice we can all make in every moment of our day.  Just like choosing happiness.  We can ALWAYS make the KIND choice.


Isn’t that something?

Even if you are frustrated in traffic, you can CHOOSE to be kind back.

Even if you are being slammed by your boss, you can choose to react with kindness.

EVEN if you are hating life, you can choose to treat yourself with kindness.

This is on YOU.

In a world where you may feel defeated, caged, limited, anything, sick? Broke? Late for work?

You can CHOOSE Kindness.

The real questions is…. what will you choose. How will you react to any scenario that isn’t jiving with what you want?


Try choosing KINDNESS! Even if you are MAD, or HANGRY or JUSTIFIED in any feeling you are experiencing.




Did you know if you SMILE your brain thinks you are A-OK and happy so it calms down even if something is making you bonkers.


EVEN if its just how you talk to your self.

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