Back to basics


Well if it isn’t a SPECTACULAR SUNDAY I don’t know what is!!!

Family, ROCK CLIMBING SHOPPING SPREE at REI  and lunch out with my tall boys pretty much makes this Sunday an all and all WIN.

I used a Christmas Gift Card to finally purchase my long coveted hang board for at home strength and grip training (THANKS DAD) and Junior Tall One finally found shoes and harness so we are all set to go ROCK IT for 2020!

man climbing on gray concrete peak at daytime
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I finally have my base gear set for bouldering and / or indoor gym climbing so this gal is one happy camper!

On a sad note our family leopard gecko “MANGO” has gone missing 2 weeks now and it’s getting harder and harder to stay positive about her coming home and her well being.

Being one to just NOT GIVE UP, I have been rallying the troops and anyone who is in our circle to imagine her home save, belly full of bugs, and warm in her hide ( in her enclosure of course)


She belongs to our youngest but she has effectively warmed her smiling face into all our hearts and there is a dull sadness over our hearts hoping she will pop out safe and well ( AND SOON) .  If anyone has a heart to send her some heartfelt messages to go find her mama, please do! We miss her terribly.

~much appreciated.

I felt a little ”back to basics” post was in order.  It has been a little while since I hammered home the benefits of washing or rinsing your hair and/or body with basic  tea. Now I don’t mean Earl Grey (but that would do) and better than the chemical laden “Poo” you can find at any store, dime or otherwise. I have yet to find a commercial product off the shelf that does not have SOMETHING in it that makes my skin crawl, things that are for marketing , like synthetic fragrances or foaming agents that are there for the mere purpose of making us feel its doing something.

Also in that process is the action of stripping your scalp of all the wonderful and nourishing oils our body naturally produces only to then require the need to add back in moisturizers that typically just coat the hair to let you think it did any good.

The physical act of brushing, massaging and rinsing your scalp with a tea blend, something like rose, horsetail, nettle, rosemary, lavender or hibiscus is AMAZING for your hair, scalp and body.  I keep a jar of pretty much this blend (it can vary depending on the season and my mood, but brewing a pot of this, letting it cool, adding a few drops of high quality Vitamin E oil, a few drops of essential oil like Rosemary (so amazing for hair) can be the perfect hair care remedy for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.   Make a little extra for a facial mist for the week and you are SET.


Spend some time brushing your hair out before your bath or shower and then rinse with this tea, massaging it with either a scalp massager (cheap on Amazon) or just your good ole fingers or brush you love.   I have also rinsed with coffee (dark hair) Chamomile (lighter hair) and beet root juice for red heads for a light tint and way more anti-oxidants .

Thats it.

Afterwards if you still feel like a little added softener a very diluted palm of coconut oil (carful this can weigh your hair down depending on porosity),  olive, sweet almond (a favorite) or a blend.

Play around with it if you are new to no or low poo.  Its defiantly a process to switch over .  I also make a mid wash spray with the same tea blend and added castor oil, vitamin E and Rosemary essential oil and a little glycerin for a little morning refresher when the pillow fairies plaid hockey with my hair in the middle of the night and I look like Edward Scissorhands in the morning.

woman morning bathrobe bathroom
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It happens.

I will defiantly be talking DIY products or making some soon so stay tuned.


any questions hit me up in the comments and here’s hoping your SUNDAY was as SPECTACULAR as mine!



with love


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