Conversation with yourself

If you met yourself on a park bench one day, just sitting there minding your own business, and another version of YOU sat down next to you, an older wiser YOU what would you say?  (Neverminding the shock of staring in your own face like Haley Mills from The Parent Trap)

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Hopefully you wouldn’t plot to make his/her life miserable since she had the audacity to show up with YOUR face.

What if you met a YOUNGER version of you.  The you in your early 20’s just before the whole of your entire adulthood was being shaped?  What would you tell THAT version of you?

Let’s say you are walking by a schoolyard and you bump into a 10 year old version of YOU, what would THAT conversation sound like?

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Seems like a silly thing to contemplate; or is it?

What would you want your 10, 20 or 40 year old version of you to know!?

So much of our lives is driven by our sub-conscious mind and THAT part is most likely being run off of rule sets that we created during childhood or due to some traumatic, painful event in our distant, or not so distant past.

We know we want to overcome our challenges, we have fears of water, or can’t maintain a healthier weight, why we have addictions to things we know aren’t good for us but we just can’t seem to shake it.

Mediation is a great way to hush our conscious mind and get in touch with that 10 year old you, or your wiser older version with all that amazing advice.

Our sub-conscious minds are phenomenal at holding the keys to our lives, remembering where our inner programming  might need a reboot, update or re-write.  A rule set that served us at 10 years old CERTAINLY  doesn’t apply at 30.  I mean our smartphones are outdated in just a few years!  Imagine if we were trying to have relevant programming if our phones, computers or tablets were more than 10 years old. … We’d consider it ARCHAIC.

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So how can we expect rule sets or programming we recorded as children or young adults or better yet ones handed down to us by persons not even of this generation!

Take a few moments next time you have some quiet time to take a real honest evaluation of your life.  What is working and what may NOT be.  See if you can tug on that thread long enough to figure out where that fear or addiction is stemming from.

Chances are that time that dog scared the crap out of you when you were 5 years old might be the reason you seem to get clammy when you are around them now, or that time you had the flu and now  you won’t go near oatmeal or green beans as an adult.

Maybe its time for a software update.

on that note, my smartphone needs one, …. gotta run








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