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I wanted to stop for a moment and discuss salves.  To be quite honest, before herb school I never paid much attention to salves.  I think I had a hair pomade once that reminds me a little of this, but other than that, I never really was aware of salves.

simple salve ingredients


I learned how to make salves before I learned why what I was putting into them was helpful.  My very first herbal class was medicine making (because I jumped in, near the end of the program) so while the rest of the students where taking all their wonderful herbal education and making these fantastic salves, infusions, teas, etc, I was just starting.

That said, I LOVED every minute of this class, and although I was WAY confused for the time being, I could however, make a salve.  I left that section with a few amazing recipes that to date I still use, and have tweaked to death but my base skin healing salve started there, my first class.

Aromatherapy came AFTER my Herbal and Nutrition program ended so for a long while I made tea blends and SALVES if someone had a rash, or itch, or wound;  OR you got a tea blend.

Not a bad tool kit for an herbalist I’d say, and it wasn’t until Aromatherapy that my ability to create an unlimited amount of products to my hearts content, was born.

Yet, time and time again, I return to salve.


Hair salve is fun too

Well, for one its very PORTABLE.  Its one thing to have an oil blend and easily use it at home, in your bathroom.  But taking oil blends with you, in your purse can get messy depending on you package it (as in using a roller bottle, or spray) which I do often.

Yet, sometimes I do not want a product that is blended with water, I simply want my beautiful infused, and very effective herbal oils to go with me and so I make it into a salve.

A salve, simply put, is an oil, herb infused or not,  blended with beeswax usually.  It can be put into a tin, or say lip balm, or a tub, something that can withstand the heat of being in a pocket, purse, backpack and the like.    I always have a salve for basic first aid 101 on me.  Maybe you have an itch that’s buggin’, or a bruise, muscles that ache (memememeeee) arthritis, (also me) and on and on.  It’s great for when your little’s get a boo-boo and you have something wonderful to smear on there.

Lip balm is essentially the same thing and you can add color for a light tinted version, even flavor or scent; but now were are moving into the makeup category and that’s not where we are going today…

Lately I have been rock climbing so my latest obsession is climber’s salve.  A good day at the rock gym or outside for sure, can leave your hands sore and in my case, blister prone.  You don’t want to use lotion because that will only further soften your hands which climbers don’t really want.  We need some relief for achy, tired hands after a climb, and also to help a blister that is developing, or scrapes etc.  I for one run straight for my cubby where I keep the salve as soon as I take off my gear.  The chalk is still caked in my nail beds, but I’m sitting there, rubbing it in before I even attempt to drive home.  They are sore.  I worked those fingers hard, expected them to hang onto the tiniest thing. So a delicious salve to soothe, heal, relieve pain, sooth inflammation and even heal a blister is a climber’s best friend, and MINE!

I also have one for angry muscles, arthritis, AAAND fragrance 🙂

I actually have tons.  They are wonderful.

Here is my easy go-to recipe is this:

Simple Salve Formula

  • 30 ml of your favorite carrier oil, which can consist of oils, infused oils, butters etc.
  • 7 ml of bees wax or a vegan option if preferred.

You can add in optional essential oils, colorants for fun if making lip balm, and flavors ( I like flavored Stevia when I get the itch to use one)


Find a small glass vessel to put your oils in and heat it in a double broiler.

Once warm add in the beeswax and let it melt and incorporate it well.

Remove from the heat.

Stir in the essential oils ( I let it cool just a bit so it doesn’t leave with the vapor) or any other additives you may be making.

*its just fine as is if you just want a simple skin soother.

Pour into some little tub or lip balm tube.  Re-purposing containers is a great way to give the environment a little helping hand plus its fun!  I personally save all manor of small glass jars with lids.  Amazon also has tons of of vessels you can buy in bulk.

examples of some of my re-purposed containers

This amount will make a few small 5ml tubs or one or two larger ones.  Depends on what you want to do with them.

Give it a try!  Make some for your friends and family! Make one for a climber friend if you have one!  THEY WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT!

ps: add Helichrysum, Chamomile, Lavender,  if your salve is for a climber!  Perfect for healing achy fingers or shoulders!







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