Can you?

Well?  Can you?

woman wearing red dress while sitting on grass
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The simple answer is yes.

Wait? Can I what?



HUH WHAT? Its a simple statement/questions I am posing to you.

Well I made it a wee bit over simplified perhaps.

Can you…..(fill in the blanks here)


Can you run that marathon?  yes

Can you lose that 20 lbs?  Of course

Can you finish that degree?  Definitily

Can you…anything .  Still yes.

I hear a lot of people arguing for their limits, their set backs and I am here today to remind you they don’t exist.  Fear does, but limits don’t.

I would but I can’t.

I’d love to but I can’t.

For the most part we all go along with it.  I used to also.  I used to want so bad to climb that new height, but …well… I can’t (enter whatever reason here)

Reasons and what’s aren’t the issue.

Our belief in them is.

When our beliefs are just a pile of thoughts we chain together like paperclips, when you break it down like that, like a long chain of repetitive thoughts, thoughts that we tell ourselves over and over until we make it our reality, how can we put so much stock into that?

I mean we do because its our belief.

Yet we can believe anything, and if we can believe anything, we can change it.  If we can change our beliefs and our habits of belief, well my friends we can change anything!

When was the last time you checked your beliefs, or the inner chatter that is rolling around in your head as you live your day?

Really?? Do I NEVER catch a break?  NEVER?

I mean I totally ran that red light this morning and there was no ticket.

So maybe I DO catch a break sometimes.

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Find one innocuous belief.  Just one that doesn’t seem to emotion provoking and play with it.  Examine it from all sides.

I never catch a break?  Where did that belief come from?  Was it something my parents used to say or believe?  Was it something I just started saying out of habit?   Did that horrible break up leave any negative feelings about trust?  Take that little thread and pull on it a little.  Then a little more.  That little nagging thread that you can’t ignore…pull it.

REALLY?  I never get ahead?  I never win contests, I never get the good jobs?

Words like never and always are huge indicators that you have one of those beliefs that probably is holding you back, or at minimum is manifesting some chaos into your day.  Perhaps not even chaos, maybe just some small annoying moment, one after another until you have some roots from that seed of “I never catch a break” and now its a full grown weed.

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Yank it out and plant a new seed.

Try these instead: I always get a break!  I always win. I always get ahead.

Try those for a while and see what pops up

Oh, and HEY…. YES!!! Yes you CAN!!




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