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Good Afternoon Wildlings!

I woke up at 4 am this morning with my head BURSTING with ideas and I was tempted to get up and whip up some of these new babies.  That said it was a delicious moment just meditating and watching these fun little ideas swirl around in the ether of my brain spaces …

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I am a beginner rock climber and still at the indoor gym stages, and that said SALVE is my life!  The first day I was there and I was desperate for something to soothe my shocked hands (how could you do this to me!!! ) the wonderful young lady that worked there told me to go on Amazon and find something called a “SALVE” and proceeded to explain to me what that was.  She is super sweet and VERY helpful and I so badly wanted to tell her I knew all about salves, like REALLY I DO, but it was interesting to me how she was explaining how salves can heal and soothe your achy hands and skin while letting the skin toughen (ya know because we are going to climb rocks) as opposed to just lotion that will only keep the skin soft and NOT the best choice.

So after hobbling home, and soaking in a bath filled with Epson salt and I think Lavender because its all I had patience to find after our 3 hour introduction to all things rough and straight up, I went to work designing a salve just for this purpose.

I go through it fast, being that we are there usually 3 times a week and salve is my new best friend, as are callouses, so each batch got an update.  Herbs like Calendula,     Chamomile, along with essential oils including helichrysum for pain and a handful of others for inflammation and aches.  I think I have a pretty good salve for achy hands and shoulders.

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BUT this is not what was swirling through my brain this morning.

Oil blends are my life, as an Aromatherapist, however if you have been following along for any length of time you’ll know that I always find myself back to a simpler methodology of life.  Simple is Best, and it still rings true for me.

Over the weekend I whipped up small tubs (3ml) of cocoa butter balms for spot treatment of wrinkles, scars, dry lips, gosh anything where cocoa buttery goodness can soothe, while also making a secondary batch that was tinted rosy pink for a perfectly simple lip and cheek stain that I am addicted too.  I actually made all of this because I lost my only tub of it, somewhere over the weekend.

This time I have a little basket full of pots of little balmy things that make my heart happy.  I even whipped up a third round for a jasmine-themed fragrance balm.  Now that is fantastic and it got me thinking about making single essential oil salves.

YUP, maybe someone doesn’t want a full on blend, sometimes just a little pot of lavender balm is just what the doctor ordered.  Just enough to soothe a headache or an itchy spot on your elbow.  Maybe light enough to put on your little ones if they can’t fall asleep easily or for your mediation session.  How perfect would that be for your yoga class?  Just put a wee bit on your wrists or under a dab on your mat or face for a full on aromatherapy bath while you do your down dogs.

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So this morning these were swirling around in my head.  Then of course I imagined them having a little swoosh of lilac color or shimmer because making something look like a Unicorn made it is waaaaay more fun, right!!???

I didn’t end up sitting for my last 20 minutes, imagining a pot of Lavender Salve, I did end up whipping one up, before work, complete with Butterfly Pea Powder to make it purple-ish (not to mention a long list of healing properties in and of itself which deserves its own post) and a wisp of gold mica powder for ?? idunno just cuz.

It’s true!  Simple is Best!


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