Keep Moving Forward

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I think it was Walt Disney who coined that phrase.  Its at the end of the animated movie “Meet The Robinsons”.  It is the message behind the entire movie.  Experience a failure? Keep moving forward.  Trip and fall?  Keep moving forward.  Get in a fight with your spouse?  Keep moving forward.  Ate some Cheetos?  NICE!



Kidding. kinda.

Fun fact Cheetos have some very addictive additive in that orange dyish coating.  Satan made it.  He also made double stuff oreos, Cheez-its, and crack cocaine.  Actually I think it IS cocaine in those Cheetos.

So don’t check those facts, they might be less facts and more assumptions on my part.




So that movie is a very sweet story and a definite 100% need for Kleenex for me.  Every. Single. Time.

And my favorite part? My absolute favorite, face drenching moment, is the end, when they put that quote up. (maybe its when Louis walks away from his past self as a baby?)

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” …. Walt Disney

Ugh, Niagara falls!

It really hits me hard.  Its so simple AND so effective.  Keep moving forward, and try harder to not look back.

Try hard as you can.  I bet its more of a crummy habit, at first when you first try and really just keep moving (and looking) forward. We get so easily sucked into kicking the old can.  Well meaning friends or family want to know the nitty gritty on this or the dirt on that.  We all get sucked into the play by play on a lousy day, or that jerk in traffic that drove like a mad man.  You know what I mean.

I know you do.  It can be such a challenge to get out of the trap.  Conversing with others might seem dull when there’s no juicy bones to suck the marrow out of.  When “how’s it going?”  is now void of drama and is just a lovely little string of “Oh things are wonderful, I love my job, my kids are happy and my dog stopped barking.”  doesn’t quiet go as far as what is going on in politics or that lousy neighbor you are always irritated with.

That said gnawing on the negative always leaves one feeling gross, irritated, on edge and maybe even defeated a little.

The saying “like attracts like” is really a powerful indicator of where you are at in the rainbow of feelings we all feel and share.

What keeps showing up in your day?  Bad traffic?  Moody co-workers?  Broken windows? Rude people at the store?  Things like that?

It might be a huge eye-opener to see how your beliefs and feelings show up.

If happy, generous, calm, fun, appreciative people and events are showing up in your day to day, WELL DONE!   You’re putting out some pretty nice vibes!

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That may sound a little woo-woo but I really feel it has a big impact.

So say you spend a little quiet time in the mornings, sipping tea, having a stretch, a little meditation maybe, and you are taking stock of your nice life, and your loved ones, your sweet puppy that you love and your children you adore, and you feel gratitude for all that life has provided you and by 10 am your are completely irritated with your boss, or that customer, or that puppy piddled on your new rug.  Stuff happens

Say you start to feel a little defeated.  Wait!  I was doing so great and now I’m fuming at this jerk on the freeway.!!

Don’t forget where we started!  KEEP MOVING FORWARD, … FURTHER.

The Keep Moving Forward  quote, is like a reminder, a push, a mantra if you will, so when the going gets tough and you want to look back and recount all the ways in which your ex-boyfriend screwed you over in the breakup, or how unfair it was when you got that tax audit, you can stop, take a deep breath, smile.. YES SMILE,  and remember to Keep Moving Forward.

Thanks Walt!

Why not try it.  It might sound a little ridiculous, or too simplistic, but a happy attitude, a general sense of gratitude and a happier mood really can go a long way in changing your outlook in life.  If you focus on positive potential instead of past negative events, at minimum you will feel better, and in a larger sense you can really effect positive change in your life.

This is day one of the rest of your life.  Day one of living a life you created, moment by moment, feeling by feeling choices of searching for the best feelings you can find.

Look ahead of what could be.  Look ahead of what you would like.  Look ahead. Behind is done. Its the past.  Its over. Analyze it just long enough to figure out what you do want or would rather prefer and then let it go.  Be thankful the event showed you how you would rather things be and let go of what is currently or was.  Its a very long and well practiced habit so don’t be frustrated if at first the jumping on the rant bandwagon seems easier, more intriguing, or you simply just find yourself jumping into the negative pool automatically!  We are so conditioned to it.

We are!

Our inner chatter can so quickly be critical, judgmental and negative. Even with a lot of practice, I still notice how fast my inner eye can start rolling.  It’s quite funny actually.  REALLY, I meditate and then mind is quickly noticing the shoes that are laying on the floor or the sticky counter top that I just wiped down.  Man!  FAST.

We are all human. Of course we are!  The more we chose happiness, check our inner beliefs (oh that’s a good post) but it takes work.  It takes practice.  It takes a lot of falling off the bike.  So that being the case, Keep Moving Forward is a pretty darn good mantra.

Further, further and further and one day, more joyful, happy, abundant, magical things will show up and less and less meh.

If you are seeing your life and wondering how you got on the merry-go-round, how life got to be a pit, or why the same kind of people keep being your co workers, or bosses or next door neighbors?  Why you would really love a kinder more generous partner but you keep finding yourself with wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Check you beliefs.  Check what you say to yourself when you meet someone new.  Keep getting a flat tire?  Keep getting unexpected bills each time you seem to get ahead?  Check what your inner dialog is.

If you believe bad things always happen to you, then they probably will.  Its not that life is unfair or the universe hates you, its simply the law of attraction.

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