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Hello Darlings!

I talk a lot about FLOWER POWER here on my site, and nothing makes me happier than a hair tea full of roses, hibiscus, lavender, chamomile, horsetail, gosh you name it.   Herbs and flowers provide so much plant power to keep your skin, hair and nails so vibrant, healthy and beautiful that I doubt I will ever return to dime store, conventional products.


I do pick up a this or that here and there because it IS fun, and I might be curious.  I don’t claim to be a 100% anything purist, it isn’t very realistic or practical.  That admitted, the more we can reduce the toxic load on our bodies, organs and systems the better off we will be for long term health and vitality.


Being that we cover so many topical applications of herbs, oils and plants I wanted to flip over to the internal world of health and beauty and talk a little about NUTRITION.

I personally am a very stomach-ache prone kinda gal. I think digestion issues, IBS, PMS, inflammation, and stress driven tummy problems plague many of us, especially woman.

Stressors, and even consuming foods that don’t quite agree with our individual constitution can wreak a lot of havoc on our tummies, and consequently, lives.

I have been paying MUCH closer attention to what does and does not agree with me lately and it has been one NOT SURPRISING and at the same time SHOCKING what can and might leave my tummy bloated, burning, inflamed or otherwise needing a blanket and some couch time.

woman in white long sleeved shirt holding white ceramic mug
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When we are busy, working Mom’s and have to push through a day with an upset belly it can make a day much tougher than need be.  We might decide NOT to take that lunch break walk.  We might feel a cup of noodles is a better lunch option than a crisp salad because we are craving comfort.

yes that would be me.

chips close colors crisps
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Finding anti-inflammatory foods, meals, menus and options has been a game changer for this gal withaboyfriendwhoshouldbeachef .  He has wined and dined me for years and I have savored every rich, decadent bite.  Every glorious shrimp and scallop with rich buttery cream sauce, and all the crispy, savory, saucy, heavenly meals will always scream romantic date night in and be at the top of my list of favorite things to do when the occasion calls.

date night in
Healthy Date Night IN including a happy tummy beauty cocktail, fish and a fresh medley of vegetables. 

Planning family dinners with all our kids, or bbq’s with our closest friends, family game night or holidays are always so deliciously meal focused its become our way of living and won’t be ending anytime soon (read EVER).

Life is a delicious journey of decadent moments and the real challenge is to find the balance in it all because truth be told I usually end somewhere with a tummy ache.

people holding sliced pizza
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So finding easy, delicious recipes and meals that not only keep that tummy happy BUT ALSO support beautiful glowing youthful skin and healthy, shiny hair has me screaming YES PLEASE! SIGN ME UP

flat lay photography of fruit platter
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As a Certified Nutrition Consultant™ I felt finding out for myself and my own family what nourishes us head to toe, and also keeps those taste buds tantalized is a focus I have left sadly neglected on the blog, because Essential Oils, and flowers make me so giddy and stole the show.

So you will find Beauty Fuel a more regular topic here and its about darn time!  I mean we all EAT don’t we?  yeswedo and WE ALL WANT VIBRANT HEALTH right??

beauty bowl
your basic beauty bowl: organic brown rice, cilantro, raw carrot, cabbage, red onion and avocado. topped with sesame seeds, sesame oil and…salsa.

if you don’t i am sure Yelp can help you locate a burger king nearby you, thanksforstoppingby.

I have a fun new smoothie bowl recipe that I will share later today or this week but I need to pickachiaseedoutofmyteeth and head to work so for now let me just say FIND WHAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL and makes you HAPPY!

beauty breakfast

much love




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