Floral Facial Toners


I have been an on and off again facial toner user during my life.

why?  dunno,..lazy.  

Actually I have been pretty much lazy all around.  Unless I am wearing makeup (then I might have washed it off), I also might have woken up the next morning, just splashed my face with water, re-applied mascara, than off to life.

beautiful birthday blur bouquet
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

(not always true, not always untrue)  Sometimes I am very meticulous with my skincare routine, and it has nothing much to do with age, or skin issues.  I think just lazy or less lazy.

alone bed bedroom blur
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Over the last 6-8 years I definitely was better because everything I have used was a DIY adventure so I was super obsessed with experimenting with all my little creations. Then one day, don’t know why, I got a little off track.  Probably went into a Target and got all mesmerized by the isles and isles of bottles of good smelling things. Pretty bottles of mascara that doesn’t smudge off or evaporate, actually some that won’t come off without a swipe of something I know means toxic waste in plain ole English.  Glassy, sparkly jars of face paint that smells like unicorn breath (you know, cotton candy), tiny pump bottles of miracles in a jar sworn to erase those years where evil boys broke your heart or proven will remove that forehead wrinkle (I read too much).

woman holding book
Photo by Dzenina Lukac on Pexels.com

I didn’t completely fall off my no-product wagon, I mostly just enjoyed mascara and eyeliner that I didn’t have to fuss over all the time, I did play with retinol, wrinkle-goops, and eye-shadow primer for, *ahem* research.

My makeup was the same; beet or blueberry tinted flower petal eye-shadows, blushes and glosses.  mmmm.  Roses.

Sometimes I bought lip gloss thattastedlikewatermelon.

Yet, it wasn’t until I got a facial recently that I realized ONE:  I really needed to get a facial tune up, (maybe) and two, does my lip gloss really needs to taste like watermelon.

i haven’t decided on either count.  i’ll let you know.

What I wanted was a skin care professional to sellmesomemiraclegoop, to tellmeimbeautiful  restore my slightly crepey skin back to something reminiscent of my 20s

maybe 30’s.

Heck, i’d take even 7 years ago.

So I did, maybe. I also came home with a few very overpriced jars of things that feel very very good when I use them, smell divine and tell me I have value as a woman!!!  So well done ME!!  whatever


I brought home facial toner.

Which is odd because I never really understood it.

I mean tap water washes the soap away and the towel gets the rest right?

The Estitician told me I needed more of a chemical exfoliation (unsure that is true) as opposed to, or along with, my “mechanical” one (that means me with sandpaper trying to erase that forehead line).

I went along with it because it was fun and I felt like I wanted to see how this compares to my flowers in a mason jar methodology.

clear glass bowl beside yellow flower
Photo by Mareefe on Pexels.com

I have  pumpkin toner now that I have used every day since. I smell like a cookie.  Its probably just water with cookie scent. I can’t pronounce any of the ingredients so of course, I am suspicious.

It has been two weeks since then, and one day I was playing with teas, making a client some skin healing products after an injury. Of course I always take the left over tea and make things for moi. becauseIcan!

What I do know is rose is great for aging  maturing  wise skin, hibiscus is claimed to be nature’s botox  (maybe I should try injecting it into my forehead?) and calendula is reported to rejuvenate skin cells.

Two of these three ingredients I grow myself so that is what went into my toner (tea).  Now I am not the only flower lady that knows roses top the list for keeping skin glowing, hydrated and happy.  This is centuries old wisdom. Hibiscus is my latest team member.  I have been taking fresh petals and puree-ing them into a slimy-goopy masks, and holy wow I love it.  It’s so hydrating and and my skin appears firmer, feels tighter and glowing.

Aside from using them fresh, I also dry them and add them to my facial and hair tea blends.  All skin loves a good floral infusion!

Even before I added the aloe vera gel, my face felt almost like it had lotion on it!  You could also add lavender or chamomile for soothing, balancing skin tones, not to mention anti-septic, anti-oxidant properties as well.

So if you want to save a crap-ton of cash a DIY toner that doesn’t cost like $40 (don’t judge, I’m old-ish) and one you can spell, pronounce and even drink if you felt so inclined, try this:

Annie’s Facial Floral Toner

Make a tea! Put it on your face, it’s that easy.

So in a bowl, or even better a french press..

Add a heaping table spoon of, any or all:

Rose, hibiscus, calendula, lavender, rosemary, or chamomile petals (organically grown please) add boiling water, COVER and let infuse for a few minutes (3-5).  Allow the tea to cool, strain out the petals, then pour into a re-purposed but pretty jar (take that TARGET).

By all means add in a drop or two of your favorite essential oils, ( I like Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Jasmine, etc) along with another teaspoon of aloe vera gel and you have yourself an amazing TONER! (don’t drink it now)  ack.

I mostly like how it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, and then anything else I put on my face just glides on. If you are using a tea-based toner than just know you are adding anti-oxidants, vitamins and micro-nutrients as well.


This would also be WONDERFUL if you have any itchy scratchy healing wounds or other irritations.  It is VERY Soothing. Put some in a mister bottle and spritz it on your face!  If someone is irritating YOU I promise you will feel better.  Better yet, SPRITZ THEM!  I guarantee they will leave you alone now.  Like mosquitoes, only annoying-ER.


** Just an obligatory word of caution, always try a test patch before any new application of herbs. Should any irritation occur, discontinue use.

** I never ever EVER use or add anything chemically for preservatives and being this a water based product you should keep it in the refrigerator.  If it ever smells off or feels different at all toss and make a fresh batch.

Mine, kept on my bathroom counter, again, lazy, keeps for a week at least, but it never lasts that long because I tend to bathe in all my floral misty yummy creations.  Feeling good is EVERYTHING.

Stop by later when I’ll share my Floral Body Butter BABY!

Have a Rosey Day!

xo Annie

ps I used mostly stock photos because the actual styish photos I took won’t send over my email. If ever they do show up, I will add them in, they are cute.  

pss.  just spritzed my computer.  just in case.




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