Magnificent Monday

Hiya lovelies

its MONDAY!!


wait, what?

Monday AND YAY you ask?



I LOVE MONDAYS.   Mondays are my favorite.  The clean slate of a fresh new week, let alone day is always a large feel good for me!  I just love loading my week up with gratitude and intentions.  I adore welcoming all the sounds I love into a new day, birds chirping, (yes coffee brewing too).  All the Yes Pleases, that bubble up into my vision.  The Good Mornings from family and friends always feel so good.  I actually love packing up for my day.  Do I need shoes for walking?  What are my to do’s?  What plants needs tending?  Have the fish all been love bombed?  How many bounces from MaxtheDog?

I say hello to all the pleasing things, find which ones are my favorites and simply just pre-set my day for fun, happiness, ease, SATISFACTION, SURPRISES, love, and  ABUNDANCE.

How can Monday Morning possibly go wrong with a start like this?

filled teacup with saucer beside good morning card and pen and macaroons
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Focusing on making my Monday’s Magnificent is just a fun way for me to pre-charge my week and day with all the best energy, vibrations and thoughts I can think of to put my best foot forward!

So now that we have ourselves feeling great, gratitude galore, mediation done, any journal entries done, any morning work-outs checked off, garden inspections, hello’s to the flowers, petals harvested, coffee savored, skin dry brushed, serums slathered on, bags packed, cute socks of the day picked, hugs and kisses thoroughly absorbed…  whatever your morning rituals are…. and I hope you have them (do you?) know that now you are ready!

NOW you are ready to go KILL IT.  Get out there and keep your eyes peeled for all the MAGNIFICENCE that MONDAY holds for you.


when you see it… when it crosses your path… SAY IT OUT LOUD!


and know that you are a magical unicorn and that you just attracted magnificence into your day!

child holding unicorn toy
Photo by Kaboompics .com on

I think rituals are a good topic for later so I have just added this to my growing list of articles to write, which is a wonderful thing for me!

I am so curious what Monday Magnificence you attracted today!  Please share in the comments!

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