a few thoughts about flying

**this isn’t a post about rosey facial cream or my favorite recipe for veggie dehydrated crackers (but ohhhhh that does sound delicious)**

I woke up early this morning with a head a full buzz and ideas and satisfaction and excitement and it was all I could to run and find my iPad.  I needed to type.

so … voila. the thoughts the came henceforth after meditation, and well, coffee.

please forgive the sloppy typing. I loved the flow and how fast this just flew out of my brain, from my fingers and onto here.

I SO love the creativity herbalism has offered me. skies the limit. NO! beyond skies. beyond limits. UNLIMITED

that’s how I feel lately


landscape pic

have you ever had that moment where you truly felt that way. That all of life isn’t behind you but AHEAD?  its all new. its all fun. its all beautiful.

flowers are no longer JUST pretty to look at.  Weeds are no longer a nuisance.  Bees are not scary.  gosh the limited things we think (or used too).

I want you to know that everything is all right. EVERYTHING.  there is no need to stew, or wallow.  there is no need to stress or  ruminate. wherever you are just accept it and find a way to feel one step better.  you can only feel one step better anyways. you can’t go from rage to bliss in a blink. But you CAN go from rage to anger, and then anger to frustration. its like that.  You have to let the air out of the balloon one level at a time.

Remember the Albert Einstein quote : “We cannot solve problems with the thinking that created them”? its like that!  just equate that to feelings.

if you are angry, per se,  and all of a sudden you shifted and only feel frustrated you have found RELIEF and RELIEF is relief.  Relief is GREAT. Relief Feels good.

I mean if you have an ache, don’t you go see a doctor to get some relief?   If you are struggling with anything, isn’t the basis of what you are looking for …Relief from whatever is happening , is making you feel?

Relief is key.  Find relief. even a little.

it seems lately EVERYTHING is blooming and that is making me giddy.  I am in total flower power mode right now and excited to create, not only the next new and improved formula for skin, hair, health, and the like but also taking photos.  making the next lovely anything, to me is healing. making anything beautiful is MY joy. Creating anything beautiful or helping anyone find happiness, relief or just to feel good myself is always on the top of my list. the mind spins sometimes trying to one, get the ideas out fast enough and log them and also one idea lends to another and so on and so forth.

it is so exciting. its like a road trip, but you don’t exactly know where you are going, but its a great scenic route and you are relaxed; trusting in everything to get you ..wherever, safe, happy and full of abundance.

Placeholder Image

My son sprained his ankle so of course I want to surround him with love and salves that will help strengthen his tendons, relive the inflammation, any pain and give his body all the help I can to re-build. I want to help him realize he can focus on feeling whole and good, and not on the potential million things that can seem to go wrong. or even the possibility of what could go wrong.  why attract that?  why even go there?  programming?? There is all manor of choices in the world we live in.  we can choose to live in a pretty negative world where we wake up and watch the news with killings and disease, terror and ugliness abound.  That’s a frequency I avoid. I would rather appreciate a lovely morning and all the birds that are busy, visiting my garden and seeing whats popping up, and a delicious cup of coffee to set my day on the right path.

well its not what I’d rather do, its what I DO..DO

if you focus on yuk, well, you will probably get more of it.

if you focus on well being, and joy, happiness, fun, excitement, appreciation, abundance, bliss, health, wealth, and on and on…

well…. what do you think.

worst case you Feel better. Best case … well … well-being, joy, happiness, fun, excitement… you get it.

I want better home cleaning products, and I want less waste.  I want my yard to be all it can be and my kitchen roomier. I want my body to remain healthy forever.  I want to be vibrant and active well into my much later years.  I want to share what I learn with anyone who wants to hear.  I want to teach everyone who is interested how to do for themselves all the wellness they are inspired too. My journey, I feel is far more than making fun shimmery things and selling them. That’s already been done to death. and not really my idea of success.  My journey is more about expansion of our lives than of our wallets. Living in a way that is so abundant and blissful and free that we are all walking around creating more wonderful things and sharing it with the world.  I want and already have and am experiencing so many lovely things but its truly truly the journey that is the most delicious.  I want my children to fly higher than I ever did.  I want my family’s life to be so rich and deep with color and joy… and some days I wake up and look around and realize in so many ways we all already are there.  Right now. At least we are on the path, and right now, right here the path is wonderful.

I feel I have found the sweet spot of life.  the dreaming, the planning, the getting ready, imagining the next change, appreciating all the magic that already IS, all the love that is already surrounding me, all the fun, all the excitement, all the wonder of what can and will be.

woman wearing red dress while sitting on grass
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

I never knew life could be so colorful. I never knew a few simple tools and changes or tweaks to my thinking and how I react to whatever life presents, how a simple shift could be such a game changer.  I am not even down on myself that I didn’t know what I didn’t know when I didn’t know it.

i didn’t know what I didn’t know. who does?  who knows what they don’t know.

who’s on first.


a painting has beauty because of contrast and so does life.

a story isn’t exciting or dramatic if it doesn’t have the catalyst.

I used to accept sitting and then i used to be content with crawling, and happy with walking. When I found real freedom, EVERYTHING shifted.   I used to dream of flying. Instead, I skipped flying and went straight to soaring!  i can’t even fathom what is next.  what could be sweeter than soaring ? I dont know, but i know its out there.  the next evolution.  its an exhilarating experience just trying to feel what possibilities are out there.

it seems a ridiculous journey to me now. accepting sitting or content with crawling feels like a prison sentence to me. its just not my world anymore.  and will never be again.

looking back is a waste of time. MONUMENTAL.  I try and not waste time, and even though its eternal and even though the concept of the eternal NOW runs pretty deep within my veins, TIME is a fun plaything.  it ticks and it tocks and I don’t feel any real anxiousness to it.  Life pretty much just flows from one moment of NOW to the next.

action active activity adult
Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com

what i love is feeling. what i navigate with is feeling.  what i strive for and live by is feeling. and what I cannot tolerate much of anymore is feeling bad.  feeling anxious, or fear or anger or frustration or anything that doesn’t contribute to taking flight.

what I wish for everyone, everywhere is a little understanding, or taste of this. it is SO empowering!  Its so liberating. It feels like a deep breath. It feels like ease.  It feels like JOY.  no need to kick the old can. Don’t do it. Don’t go that way. it feels bad in your body.

and quite frankly that is the start of all the things that we call dis-ease.  that’s when everything starts to fall apart if you stay in THAT state too long.  illness comes.  flat tires come. bad news comes. the gopher in your lawn comes.  that annoying neighbor comes. the leak in your roof comes..that frustrating everything comes and the cycle, no the AVALANCHE just starts to flow more and more and more until you are a train wreck.

just let life be for a while. just let it roll off your back for a bit.  pay attention to your inner talk and see if you can tell if it more positive or negative.  better yet see how it FEELS to be in your body or head when you kick the can.  are you feeling light and free, or low and tense.  THAT’S how you know the difference.

We attract what we think or focus on or believe.  WE DO.

so what are YOU focused on?

person holding a wine glasses
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

This is really the premise, the base, a starting point of  HOLISTIC. its what it really means.


how we get there, or what constitutes my practice of it and yours (if you practice at all) is a personal journey. what works for me might not work for you but if you care about feeling good than I implore you to find out.  sample the all you can eat buffet and find out what you do and do not care for. and focus on what you DO.   you will soon find all manor of reliefs and you will soon see that you do indeed feel better.  then you get the ball rolling in THAT direction and THEN you’ll know you have found a better path.

This is the basis of my practice, how I live my life and how I navigate in my world.

life has already expanded beyond my wildest dreams.

what is even cooler is that I am NOT done!

and never will be

thanks for listening (reading)



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