The Battle of the Shave Gel

most of us shave some parts here and there some of the time, some of us a lot of the time, all of us who do, have felt that dryness, tenderness or rashiness afterwards at one time or another,… maybe.

I make my mister an after shave gel that immediately became MY favorite face serum. All I did was add lavender and called it a lady version.  After washing and exfoliation I LOVE to savor the smooth glow of my face neck and chest after using this serum rich in oils, aloe, essentials and wonderful soothing ingredients. His face was silky smooth, soothed and smelled very Cedar-wood/Sandalwood ish.  A product he used to use had a very wonderful aroma, very woodsy but I realized quickly that it was infused with “FRAGRANCE”   .

I began trying to make a similar version WITHOUT synthetic fragrance.  It was THIS journey and before aromatherapy school that I learned how much synthetic fragrance is infused in every aspect of our lives.

This manly face serum smelled so good, as many fragrances do, but BOTHERS me that the industry hides the chemicals manufacturers and companies can use under the word “FRAGRANCE”

I rant talked about this here.

Now when someone comes to me with a product they love but wants to know my opinion (don’t, just don’t ask me that please because I will ruin it for you guaranteed)

But they do, and I reply as gingerly as I can that you should dump this tube of this or that in the trash, now!  go now and discard it.  But first I try and capture the function and essence of the beloved product and see if I can create something that does what you want it to do, and if possible smell nice, only naturally.  I always warn my friends and family that it will not smell the same or as strong so don’t let your opinion of my version of it ride on your nose.  I have gotten pretty close once and a while.  Even naturally!  that gives me a THRILL that I Annie-fied something and presented you with a new and improved product that still soothes, nourishes or cleanses, brightens, heals, or otherwise does something you wanted it to do.  minus the junk.

Nothing feels better than a happy customer knowing you removed anything that makes this herbalist’s skin crawl.

youre welcome

Luscious is my new favorite word but it’s accurate

So after Annie-fying his shave gel, he came back with another request for his favorite shave cream.  He likes to use the gel first to soothe and hydrate and finish off with this cream he used to use (I think I bought it for him ages ago)  Gosh so many products I used to LOVE I now roll my eyes at.  boo.

I wanted to make a coffee infusion because it is so SO good for your skin, and really to me what better than some facial product that has a coffee vibe for first thing in the morning!  So thats where I started.

oils infused with coffee and florals, glycerin, aloe, and citrus make this whipped butter just the most yummy after shave cream that I am hooked!

It’s still in the trial phase.  It’s in the refrigerator since I made it too liquid-y and sort of melts , and has no preservatives. It won’t last very long.  I am in love with it, its so so creamy and soothing.  My legs just soak it up and just feel silky silky awesome.

OH, almost forgot HE loves it too.  I probably stole it. oops. Sorry babe.

On that note I made my MOM some of my girly after shave gel and she said something to the effect …well I don’t shave my face that often…. and I had to share with her my secret of the man’s aftershave gel, and remind her that ITS VERY GIRLY with jasmine, neroli, rose and LOVE.  Now there are two of us who are more addicted to the Man-Gel then the Man.


ladies 2  /  Men 1






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