Luscious Shimmer Sticks

Helloooo Lovelies
Well yesterday was a Mama day while I was home caring for my youngin’ and his sprained ankle. poor babe.

We had a long morning at the Urgent Care getting x-rays and what-nots; so after some food I got him settled down onto the couch, snacks and Netflix.

Perfect storm for Mama to have a couple of precious hours to get my creative juices flowing, make a stock of makeup I am running out of,  goodies to share for Mother’s Day, some of my man’s favorite products (after-shave gel and a new after shave cream, in a whipped butter no less),  face serums, a new hibiscus-coffee scrub I am playing with, and these Luscious Shimmer Sticks.

I have been experimenting with face cream with shimmer to create some light reflection. for half a year or so.

That recipe will probably remain locked in my vault (on a napkin in a journal) until the day I want to be rich and famous because to date its almost my favorite thing ever.506BA751-32D1-4212-AC6F-600907E2EE20

Okay, not rich and famous but definitely popular with my gal pals! Then again.. you never know what can become right?? so no putting limits on life in my book!!  🙂

just lemme get blondie off to college first! Goodness Mama life is a busy one!

One day I tried to make this facial cream a little more solid so it could be in my purse, and I gave samples to the ladies in my family but mine was too gooey and leaked.  oops back to the drawing board.

I went back to my lab making it now in a stick.  Adding in a little more bees wax, and THEN I tweaked it to be more of a spot treatment/acne helper + shimmer fun for one of my girlies who was looking for some help

NOW this is perfection in a little chapstick tube.

I am still tweaking my recipe; finding better and better facial oils.  I love how powdery & silky this is.  Its great for a simple and quick eye shadow or even a primer for eye shadow. It’s great as a highlighter for cheek bones or your shoulders, chest, hands. gosh wherever you want a little glow for date night.  I have made a batch with tea tree for more acne spot treatments and one with floral notes for regular make-up use.

Creamy, silky, light and delicious.

Organic Joboba, olive oil, pearl powder, and bees wax are some of the main ingredients with a sprinkling of shimmer for the main feature, this delicate golden buttery, powdery stick of yumminess might just be your new makeup go-to, especially with summer coming!

don’t forget to make some rose-gold every day eye shadow! pairs perfectly with shimmer sticks.

I am creating new oil infusions with roses for a new batch, and hibiscus /beet juice for one with a little touch of pink for some cheeky fun.

Stay tuned ..

I may need another few hours…




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