Hibiscus Appreciation


Hiya peeps.

While I have been hyper obsessed with my newest rose blooms, I was ignoring my own organic home-grown gorgeous hibiscus blossoms.



I drink Hibiscus tea, use it in hair teas, and have tried many times to extract the deep red / pink color for, uh, my hair and makeup trials.

While that may have not panned out, I have realized how amazing hibiscus is for your skin and health.


I have been photo obsessed with Hibiscus for years.  Their enormous blooms, and vibrant colors are exciting and the edges always makes me happy.  A dew dropped flower always makes me run back in and grab my camera even if I am on my way to work. It only takes a minute to snag a perfect shot so thats what I do. Again and again.

That said, had I been a smarter herbalist I would have harvested the faded blooms as well as take amazing pictures of them.  I would have picked them at just the right time and let them dry with all the tender loving care I give my roses.   I would have made my own organic tea for baths and drinks, I would have made my own hibiscus face masks or scrubs.  I would have extracted wonderful hibiscus oils and made lucious whipped body butters or serums.  Probably would have added hibiscus petals to my rose hair tea.

Gosh I would be really sad at all of the amazing skin and body loving products I could have made except …well except I STILL can !


And will!

How luxurious will baths be with brewed home grown organic hibiscus petals and silky whipped body butters. Sipping tea I harvested myself after taking gorgeous pictures of the flowers in full bloom.

Being an herbalist is so much more than just making tea. Its really about creativity.  Its about expanding the limits of yesterday’s herbal rules and trends.  Its about vibrancy and color and blending nature with health. Its about becoming one with all that is and finding beauty in a flower and expanding that beauty to your health routine, or skin care rituals. Its about loving the Earth as much as your body and home and family, your pets, your environment, the office and your friends. Its about appreciation, love,  joy and happiness.  I used to appreciate a hibiscus becasue its a tremendously beautiful flower.  It is so much more than that!

To me it represents all that I love about nature and life.  Its about color, and feeling good.   Its about beauty and vibrancy.  Its about gratiude and expansion.

The next time you appreciate a flower I emplore you to take a pause.  Don’t just smell the roses but consider the possibilities. Imagine the endless possibilities that could be.

Its kind of mind blowing.

Well to me, and maybe I am just a little gooey over  flowers because I am that sappy..and than again, maybe herbalism, and aromatherapy has changed me.

No, not changed but rather expanded my world in ways I never imagined.

Hibiscus are great for blood pressure, helps weight loss, great for the heart and is even considered “nature’s Botox” so yeah, I’ll be harvesting my own organically grown petals and getting busy.


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