Rosepetal harvest time



Well it happened!  My first batch of rose blossoms have faded :/ and that may seem sad but actually, aside from getting all the picutures I wanted, and a ton of whiffs as I passed by,  NOW I have harvested, rinsed and laid them out to dry!  OH GOODIE!!!

I like to find a pretty ceramic bowl and place my clean and dry petals in there and display them near a sunny window.  Each day we give them a little stir until they are good and dried out and them put in a pretty glass air-tight container and into the herb cabinet they go. Its as easy as that.

While they are drying I get to decide what fun beauty product I want to make with them.  I have done all manor of hair teas so maybe this season I will focus on a different body system so stay tuned, my petals need a stir and, well, ihavetogowork.

you know, bills to pay, fun to plan, and all the usual Monday fun!

In health and happiness


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