Don’t you just love it….

dont ya just love it….

when you wake up and the day is free.

when everyone is smiling and the day is easy

the day your children are born (if you have them)

when you accomplish a long savored goal!  Let’s Celebrate~

how excited your kids are when you say the words:  ZOO, BEACH, BAY, POOL, GRANDMA/GRANDPA’s, PARK, CAMPING, DESERT, SCOOTER, BROTHER/COUSINS are COMING, etc…

when your roses are budding up

waking up JUST BEFORE your alarm goes off…missing the jump out of bed.

when your car is freshly washed AND has a full tank of gas.. Bonus If its Friday

when friends invite you over for an impromptu bbq

lunch dates

a brand new book

booking a vacation

amazon delivery.. and its for YOU

Family bbq’s

chatting with your siblings and watching all the cousins romp and play just like you did as a kid

hitting over 10,000 steps and your fit bit is throwing you a party

watching your kids accomplish something you know challenged them

making the last payment on a loan

that first sip of hot coffee in the morning

hearing the words I love you

hitting the road for a trip

a day at the beach

a cocktail party

Auntie Days

binge watching a show on a free night

finishing a home improvement project you did yourself

a bottle of great wine and someone to share a great conversation with

coconut shrimp

happy hour with your work friends

fresh avocado on your salad

puppy snuggles

bright blue skies, with clouds and a wee bit of a breeze

COLOR everywhere

happy surprises

Taco Tuesday… mmm Tacos

fun nights out with your adult children

being happy with something artsy

good night kisses

Puppy Sitting

new car smell

board game night

hugs from your kids

singing the best  songs with your friends…LOUDLY

lobster on the beach in Mexico

Pajamas after work

kittens purring

rocking out to club mix on Pandora while doing chores…workout + clean house

fuzzy socks

a long soak in a hot bath


hit me up with YOUR favorites!

~Happy Monday

beautiful bloom blossom clouds
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