Olive you a lot

It is really really wonderful outside today.  Sunny, warm, blue skies, colorful landscapes.

The kind of day where you just want any excuse to wander outside and putter in the yard, garden, walk a garden, walk the zoo, visit a park.  just the kind of day you could read a book under a tree, nap in a hammock.  It should be Saturday.  It is not.

Its one of those weekdays that are full of errands, lunch dates, window shopping, appointments, you know those productive AND easy days?  I relish them.  They are happy and relaxed, and by day’s end the house is clean, the weeds are pulled and everyone has a happy sun glow about them.  Full of fresh air and vitamin D, the early evening is bursting with possibilities.  The herb cabinet got a hearty re-organize and that always is inspiring because I remember herbs I haven’t used in a few weeks, and there are a few delicious body products I should re-fill, namely for the boys in my house.

I love how blissful life is right now.  I also wish my garden was more established, I am antsy to harvest some rosemary, or those rose petals to replenish my baskets and jars.

It’s been busy.  We’ve been busy.  Spring is here and we are outside, hungry for a new house project, aching to plan a barbeque.  I have a few new recipes to try and share!

I am getting my batteries charged up and ready to kick off Spring Wellness and some fun.

A couple of things I have newly discovered is olive oil for skin.  Honestly,  I don’t usually like to use olive oil for my skin. The scent makes me want a salad, not to put on my face but I recently discovered how great it is especially for your skin, and especially for more mature skin. I have been super exfoliating my hands then rubbing just plain ole olive oil on them, and my salad, and I am really impressed with the texture.  Since I am weeding a lot right now my hands are dry from all the washing and dirt so this is really getting them moisturized and glowing. just in time for date night 🙂

now I just need a manicure.

What I like aside from how my hands look is the fact that most everyone has olive oil in their pantry and if not, it is easy and usually reasonably priced.  You don’t have to spend a lot or search hard for some!  Just be sure to purchase organic, extra virgin olive oil.  The better quality the better it will be for your skin.

I am all about simple as you know~

Try infusing a cup of olive oil with lavender, or roses…mmmm.  Gosh what a skin loving mix that will be!!  Just a few weeks in a sunny window, and voila. happy hands~

** PLEASE DO NOT COOK with OLIVE OIL.** Save all those healthy heart properties for your dressings.  Coconut oil is a great oil for frying, if you must, because the heat doesn’t change the molecular structure of the oil. BETTER YET, try AIR FRYING!  more on that later.

Extra virgin olive oil can reduce inflammation so if you have an achy joint or bloated belly try using cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil either topically or on a salad.


I have my first round of roses in full bloom right now so you know I am dying to make some infusions, hair tea, skin mists, but I think I will make an olive oil serum infused with roses. I will post that process when I make it.


But until then, don’t be shy with the olive oil.  Rub some into an achy elbow, dry garden hands or even your bath.  Throw in some rose petals too 🙂

Happy Gardening friends, and happy hands too!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. alexraye says:

    ooo i love your rose petal infusion idea! that post will be great – can’t wait! i only wish i could use olive oil 😦 jealous hehe


  2. why not? roses are my favorite!!


    1. alexraye says:

      my skin doesn’t do well at all with oils high in oleic acid unfortunately. i hate it!! i have hope maybe one day it will calm down ❤


      1. Ohhhhhh. Boo. Xooxxox


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