Fresh Spring Energies

Spring is here!  You cannot be a So Cal inhabitant and not notice: FLOWERS are everywhere and with that so much landscape eye candy! Maybe allergies for those of you who have them.  I have really appreciated and loved our wetter than normal winter. There were tons of fires and tea sipping, snuggles and stories, board games, living room forts, couch naps, movie nights and books.  Life really can’t get any sweeter than that!

poppy 1

Well actually it can! wait, uhhhherrrrr, YUP it CAN!

THE SUN is OUT!  The SKIES are BLUE and FLOWERS are BLOOMING. Our garden is all set, weeded, re-fertilized and almost re-planted for the 2019 Spring Growing season and…YEAR 2 for WildMoon Farm! Tomato seedlings are popping up all over the rock-ocean and I secretly left a few..shhhhh don’t tell.  It just kind of amuses me to absentmindedly spray some water on them.  Curiosity has gotten the best of me, to see what variety of tomato will show up.  We replanted a few of them INSIDE the garden box too … for good measure.  Peppers for those spicy peeps of mine, herbs for cooking (basil, rosemary, chives, sage, thyme…)  and VEGGIES!  Chard, eggplant, my Junior Garden Assistant has his seedlings for rainbow carrots, we have beets  now too.  I just want one or two more friends in there.  Roses are popping up for a fresh new season of luxurious body products, I also have a very happy lavender bush, gardenias, … just a few more and we’re all set!

On the Community Garden front, we have a few new neighbors.  Some of our plot neighbors are retiring so a few of our “waiting list”  friends are gathering supplies and getting ready to move in.  Our fruit tree plot is all weeded, and freshly mulched.  I see artichokes blooming, tomatoes gearing up, some romaine, peppers, dill, chives, onions, basil and flowers!  Im so darn happy to be a part of this amazing program and grateful my employer hosted such a soul lifting activity.  What a great way to gather, share information, get a little (or on weeding day a lot) of exercise, sunshine and laughter.

Never mind the end result…. ORGANIC PRODUCE!

lavender 1

Talk about dirty fingernails, and happy hearts!

The best part is it offers me so many opportunities for photography which is always my first love, or water color (unclear at the moment).  I am contemplating creating an herbal catalog, or some sort of floral coffee table book since I have tens of thousands of colorful photos from everything from fancy food styling, to roses, and everything in between.

Life is waking up, after a wee bit of rest.  My studies might have to wait a spell because weeds need pulling, camping plans are being made, summer is coming and I might be too over-the-moon happy and free to keep pushing so hard;  maybe just live life for a spell and give Wild Moon a little pause.  I do miss writing so I will for sure be here sharing my journey, more witchy -herbal hair brews to share with you all, what family adventures we find ourselves into and just basically too happy as-a-lark to worry much.

Happiness is really what life is all about and I might just retire from office life before I toil any harder creating any more future ventures.  I want creativity and joy to continue to be my focus.  I want freedom to chose what inspires me rather than obligations to chase after (we all have enough of those already, don’t we?) Besides, we have waaay too many dinner parties with friends and family to plan and host as well as soaking up all those Mama Moments.  My young man is entering the pre-teen stage so I have my hands full of new adventures ahead and I still have a few precious years before I am an empty-nester and ready to launch Wild Moon in any kind of official capacity.  I mean SHEW!  In the meantime I have tons of education to obtain, hundreds of articles to write, thousands of pictures to take, plenty of experience to obtain, oodles of ideas to share, and a gazillion more health, skin and home care products to imagine, create, test and SHARE with all of you.

More than anything else that I have imagined when becoming an Herbalist, is the passion to share!  To inspire everyone to break through their old energies, old beliefs, old habits and patterns; to break FREE and FLY.  Nothing and I mean NOTHING feels better than empowerment, to release and discover a whole new world right before you eyes.

Im probably going to need every minute I have left before then in order  to be ready to be ready to be ready for the next phase of life and career.  The journey is just delicious so I am in no hurry to rush anything.  I love to bask in each step, relish each accomplishment, each hug, each bbq, each road trip, each conversation, each lunch date, each belly laugh, each new creation, each class, each beautiful photo and each Mama & Family memory savored.

So yeah, my boat is in the river, and its moving super fast all on its own so no need to fight against any of it with useless oars.

landscape pic

How are you feeling these days?  Does Spring have you bouncing, or sneezing?  Do you feel new energy, or the need to re-energize your goals, or social calendar?  Do you feel inspiration to create anything new, take a new dance class, or learn how to paint?  My suggestion is to GO WITH IT.  Follow your joy, your bliss.  Try something new just for the experience of it!  Or maybe break out some hobby that sat for a while while the skies were gray and the wind was cold.  Open your windows, let in some fresh air. Take a walk to a park, admire all those flowers, say hello to neighbors or strangers.  Shine up your prettiest dishes and make a favorite family dish!  Invite some friends over. It doesn’t have to make sense or be even that complicated.  If its NICE OUTSIDE, go walk, if a rose is saying hello, give it a whiff.  Inhale the moment.

Idunno. thats what i’d do. 

If you feel inspired, hit me up in the comments!! I’d love to share and hear all about what made you feel happy and even more what came of that inspiration~

~in health


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