Can’t Beet it

Hello Lovelies

Im just sitting here pinching myself, sipping on my green tea, being serenaded by all the birds in our neighborhood.  On the patio soaking in some morning UV, the pups are at my feet sleeping, and I am just basking in the happiness of working at my passion job like this.   The cars whooshing by are kind of wrecking my bliss bubble, but Hey, it’s Saturday and people have places to go, I guess, all at once, all day long.

Is what it is.

Cars aside you can’t beat it, or BEET it.  Little play on words there since this morning I’ve got BEETS on the BRAIN.


Did you know cooked beets provide 136 mcg of folate?  That is about 39% of your daily intake and TRUST me you could snarf down plenty more than one little serving of beets if you make BEET CHIPS. (I almost ate them all yesterday while taking my little photo shoot). So while I was busy finding the right angle and the right lighting and trying hard to display all the glorious colors of beets, I was also nourishing my body!


Double the win and either cook or juice the BEET TOPS!

Vitamin A Heaven!

So snacking seems to be for some of us (ME) to be the death of a solid diet.  But I will challenge this to a point .  Stay away from anything processed like Oreos, and Cheetos (anything really that ends with “-Oh’s”)  and get in the kitchen; with a little food prep and a good show on Netflix (I’m currently addicted to Lost in Space)  you too can have amazing, healthy snacks you can be proud of, eat for breakfast and even serve your friends and family.  THEY ARE DELICOUS.

I sliced these thin with a Mandolin, lightly oiled them with Coconut oil and baked at 400° until they were as crispy as you like them (in my case almost burnt).

Very lightly salted they paired PERFECTLY with some spicy carrot hummus.

So I kind of spoiled my appetite for dinner but in my case this could have been supper and I wouldn’t have lost a moment of peace.


Shake things up a little and slice yams and carrots for a Root Chip Medley!

Have you tried Root Chips or ever Baked some Beets?  I’m wondering what Root Hummus might be like now.

What are your favorite super healthy snacks?

Please share!!!



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