A good place to start

I am sitting here, eating a menagerie of leftover veggies, rice pilaf and a mock shepherds pie.  It’s Friday night and the family is happy to have an easy, unstructured evening.  Creating a new website is still in the design phase, but the blog has been on my “To-Do” list longer than I’d like to admit.

Somehow “To-Do” turned into “Tonight”.


Engineering Technician by day, Herbalist by any other time of the day, I find myself aching to share my passions for raising the bar of our lives as much as we dare to challenge our norms or bust out of our comfort zones.  What is meaningful to you might not be the same as for me but the common denominator is that we all ache, in one way or another, for a richer, more fulfilling life.  Well, I think so anyways.


I received certifications as a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist ™,   a Clinical Nutrition Consultant ™ in 2016, and a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist™ in 2018, now back in school to finish my HHP Program (Holistic Health Practitioner).  Despite having a full time office job unrelated to my Certifications I have found that even in an office of Engineers, Administrators, and Customer Service staff, my passionate inner world of alternative medicine, nutritional improvement and the beauty of nature starting to blend with my office life.


I am a firm believer of manifestation, energy, thoughts, and all the inner-life we experience before we even leave the comforts of our homes.

It is my hope that we can learn together.  I love the idea of sharing, communicating and inspiring each other on our individual journeys.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and I truly believe that once we realize that, we can significantly change our lives.

My name is Annie and I am so very happy you are here!  We have so much to chat about.

Herbal Hair Pomade

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