Peas and Thank You

Snow Peas

A whopping 41 calories for a 1 cup raw serving.

This morning, I probably ate 6 or 7 large peas so for the moment I am unsure how close to a cup I ate, so for simplicity’s sake we’ll assume I ate a cup.

The first thing really worth mentioning is that I am FULL!


So for my whopping 41 calories lets break down what these little green gems offered my body nutritionally:

I got 2.5 g of dietary fiber, And 2.7 of protein. Not too shabby.

21% of my Daily Value of Vitamin A, 98% of Vitamin C (what!!! 98% in just a large handful of peas raw off the vine???) 31% of Vitamin K. 10% folate, and 10% Thiamin. 11% of Iron, 12% manganese. 12.7 mg of Omega 3s and 75.5 mg of Omeaga 6!!!

The down side to this micro meal is the sugar. OH THE SUGAR. It’s the down side and it came in at 3.9 g
Pfft.  Whatever.  BAM

Take that donut! Take that oatmeal.
Did I mention that I am full?

Snow peas for breakfast??  YES PEAS.

Also got a few minutes in the sunshine and fresh air picking them and admiring my basil so already I de-stressed my morning, got a little exercise and happiness in my soul.

Now that’s what I call a complete breakast!!!

Would you eat raw vegetables for breakfast?


Typically I will nosh on a few while I am watering or checking on my plot.  They are super juicy so I also got a good amount of WATER.  Pure, clean, sun and chlorophyll-Tered WATER!

I can feel my skin re-hydrating already and with all that Vitamin A, C and K you can be sure those Free Radicals are getting the 1-2 Punch.  It’s high time we consider how these nutritional powerhouses feed our skin from the inside out instead of a cream that may or may not absorb the same vitamins form the outside in.

Happy Nibbling Lovelies



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