when wildflowers call

EA1DC06E-C2ED-41D5-8270-793DA0BF9D7Fwell hello lovelies.

Wow over a  month just flew right by.  School is back in session so my free time to write and create and edit photos is now replaced with classes and reading and lots of note taking.  Its all good but I thought I could do it all.. all the time, and of course, being a human I one: assumed I could be super-human, forgot I must sleep once in a while, and two: (more like 5):  realized I am a super-human just by doing my day, raising a child, owning (and renovating) a home, in a happy relationship, climbing ladders at the day job, and even trying to keep things at Wild Moon moving along.

Can we all just stop a moment and give ourselves a pat on the back for all the gazillion things we accomplish each day just to keep the boat floating?  I mean SHEW. We tend to forget that the energy it takes to manage the family, feed and tend to the pets, do the income activities all day, hit the gym when needed, cook, clean and dust, laundry, paying of the bills, changing the oils of the things that motor us around, plan and provide birthday parties, and oh jeez, find time to care for OURSELVES too, is simply ENORMOUS.

back patting …

Well done all of you, all of US… ME. YOU. THEM. WELL DONE.

This is precisely why I am a big proponent of simplifying.  LESS IS MORE for all these reasons.  For all the tasks we can’t get away from without hermiting in a cave, there are some we can.  That is an individual journey for you and for me and no one can tell you what your comfort level is but you.  Stress is just the biggest issue we tend to deal with in this time-space life in the here and now.

I personally try and let what inspires me, to be my guide.  I used to be a wee bit (more) neurotic about getting all the things done, and getting them done, well, and in an organized fashion, and the like.  So that got me into one very frazzled state of mind.

Nobody likes a frazzled Ann. NOBODY. Ann doesn’t like frazzled Ann the most. WE like chill Ann WAY better.  WE can breath easy.  WE SMILE.  WE LAUGH.  WE SLEEP.

So there are a lot more bubble baths and let the others fend for their snacks or the managing of the homework.  There are a lot more dog walks instead of the gym.  There are a lot more savoring the evening meal and sometimes letting the dishes sit. (okay dishes always sit).  Point is I am getting so much better at letting what is just BE.

i didn’t even know I shifted.  I just did.  

Feeling good is my number one intention each and every day.  Feeling good drives my choices. When I feel less than good, my chest gets tight or my stomach burns and I know that I am not in tuned with my inner me and that I am going against the grain.  Against the flow.  whatever.  i am not flowing. you get me!!

When I do not feel good, I am fighting against the current and that does NOT feel good.

So each day, as soon as I wake up, I try and meditate before I get any kind of day rolling.  I just get comfortable, try and stop the already busy Ann-Brain, if I can, and just see what sounds cross my ears.  Hopefully its not the dog yapping to come in because Mama turned one ONE light and now he KNOWS she is up. He is a psychic dog and he knows I am UP EVEN when I silently  or commando crawl into the living room so as to not make him aware I am awake.

I see you. I know you are up

SO if I can listen to a bird chirp or the fire crackle (because my FAVORITE thing ever is to make a little fire and watch it dance while I wait for coffee to brew).

So minus Max’s insistence to come in, its a pretty magical start of the day.

THEN I sit for another 10-15, while the coffee is gurgling, and set my intentions for the day and appreciate ALL THE THINGS.


NEXT is snuggles with the 11 year old (we had a birthday) and he is awake now, because he heard Max; so we are couch snuggling with the fire and the coffee (also Max too by now) and how perfect of a start to the day did we have?

As my day gets rolling, and I find something has vexed thee, I TRY TRY TRY and focus on what is potential, what is POSSIBLE and what I WOULD like instead and leave the nagging little life thing that is in my face, alone.  Hello lady who cut me off at the post office… I just wanted to say, have a nice day. 

I have been fine tuning this little ritual for months and months and wow I feel like it is finally changing the overall vibe of the day.  Mondays are often the best day of the week meaning its the nicest work day, and the happiest overall. (lets acknowledge I am rested still and by Thursday I am often frazzled Annie again) but that is just a little thing we ignore too.


Months of irritations, and frustrations and blah blahyness.  MONTHS of frazzle along with MONTHS of the aforementioned ritual.

All of a sudden the rains ceased for a little bit, and the sun came out.  The sun came out so the shades got opened.  The air was warm so the heater got turned off and the doors & windows are all opened.  The birds are chirping and so it just feels wonderful.  We are outside and weeds are getting pulled. The soil is soft so its easy work.  The garden is bursting right now so cooking is more vibrant and healthier.  Flowers are blooming EVERYWHERE so the camera is out, the ipad is FULL of colorful photos so now I am ready to post more fun topics.  My mind is ABLAZE with ideas again.


If you live anywhere near California, then I am sure you have seen the hills of gold and yellow, orange and green landscapes FULL of wildflowers along with the poppies.  It’s causing traffic jams and problems in places where people don’t usually stop and admire flowers;  like the freeway.

Yet there we are.  Wildflowers are calling. Calling us outside from our little warm winter dens.  Picnics are happening.  Families and friends are gathering.  Flowers are being picked and the butterflies are migrating.

It’s a magical Narnia-land right now and I just cannot get enough of it.

The energy just shifted in me and I am sure its shifting in you too.  You just can’t help it I think, especially if you live anywhere near here.  I totally get how mother nature inspires and energizes plants to pop out of the ground and birds out of their nests and snakes too.  Yes we love you scary dangerous rattle snakes, but please stay over there until I am done frolicking in the flowers.  I don’t want to scare you and I don’t want you to bite me.  Lets be friends, okay?  So, stay in the neighbors yard waaay over there, they’re not home.

I for one am a little bliss bunny and everything around me is responding.  I dropped a bucket of paint IN the house, ON THE CARPET and it banged and tumbled all over the walls and floor.


Wait what?

Nope. Not one drop.

So that’s what I logged in today to say.


Sorry I’ve been gone.

The energy surrounding me is INCREDIBLE and I feel it.  

Ann not frazzled, probably singing the hills are alive

My walls are prettier, my air is airier, the house is cleaner, the people are happier, and the dogs still need a bath.

HEY, I am still human remember?

Have YOU visited the wildflowers ??  If you haven’t, consider spending an hour singing “The Hills are Alive” or something like that, you might consider at least taking an easy hike up the freeway. You will feel amazing for it. PROMISE.



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  1. Paul says:

    Your words are always inspiring and motivational. Can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have such a wonderful person in my life.
    Love all your photos as well!
    Big hugs from this side of the hill.


    1. blushing*
      Thanks tons!!! i also love our collaborations! woot! 🙂


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