Why I stopped buying body products Part 2: the how

Hello again and welcome back to Part 2 of Why I stopped buying body products

Part 2:  HOW

In Part 1 of Why I stopped buying body products, I gave you a little background into what drove me to stop buying shampoos, body products and eventually makeup.  Included in that list are all the house cleaners, laundry detergents, surface sprays, anti-bacterial wipes, and even dog products (because they count too).

For a short-lived but fun period of my life, I had RED HAIR.  Maybe also a purple streak.

Gosh that’s an oldie

See the bits of purple I put in there?

That was probably mid 2012. Seems a life time ago.

The fact that RED hair dye especially, likes to fade fast meant I was learning about sulfate-free shampoo, which led me to reading labels more carefully.

Back then sulfate-free shampoo was hard to find, especially from a chain store and not your hair-stylist.  I was also on a very tight budget back then, so indulging in expensive shampoo did NOT make the budget cut, so I, of course, started to try and make my own version; and the journey began.

It would take me years of vacillating between sulfate-free shampoos, to learning about terms like “low-poo” and eventually becoming “NO-POO”, which is where on the spectrum I live now. Happily.  Now she washes with tea

So flash forward to now:

The shampoo journey led to discovering deodorant might be scary, to the uncertain world of toxins in our toothpaste, and thus the journey took a foot hold in all the other products we all use. (Way before school)

I was obsessed with replacing all the products that gave me the chemical willies.  I had DIY deodorant (which was coconut oil, baking soda and some lavender probably) and DIY toothpaste (again  something with coconut oil and probably ineffective). This was before I really dove into essential oils as well.  I had a few, and no idea what their true potential could be.

This lasted for a chunk of years, and then in 2015 I found my Natural Healing School and my life CHANGED FOREVER.

After spending 2 years in school and becoming a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist™ and Certified Nutrition Consultant™,  life went back to somewhat normal and I wasn’t sure where this education was going to take me.  I put it aside for the time being.  I had all these NEW concerns and didn’t know where to start.  Of course I did make salves and tinctures and used them, shared them, but things didn’t really gain momentum until I returned back to school and became a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist™.


Armed with a certification as an Aromatherapist, I felt now I had a better tools and knowledge for making home, body and all the other products. I resumed making new (and improved) body and home products voraciously.  It was then also that I plopped out all my herb books and began adding herbal extractions to all the things I wanted to create.

The entire time I was in school till present, my mind has been exploding with ideas, experiments to try, more extensive research,  and of course another round of school right around the corner.

On a side note I was also promoted to a much more technical position at my day-job in this same exact time period, so when I say my plate was and still is FULL, well I am not kidding.

Recreating chemical-free versions of my favorite products was the first chapter;  then I found myself CREATING my OWN products. Creating my own serums for supporting aging skin, to lots of hair growth spritzers.  I loved where this new path was leading me.

One step led to the next and all of as sudden I found myself dabbling in the world of makeup, trying to re-create all the products I do like to use.  Next thing I know I am pulsing rose petals in a grinder to make even 100% plant makeup!

Now I am creating.  Now I am striving for a balance between chemical free and the natural beauty.  I am learning more than I ever have about ways to use all things natural and plant-based, and what I love the most is how much imagination and creativity is involved. Making beautiful makeup is wonderful

Every.single.day. I wake up early and jot down notes or start drafts to posts I need to write.  Some days I spend my lunch hour reading, writing, or networking with anyone who wants to talk “shop” with me.  After work, and after Mama time is over, and its time for me to either collapse or work some more, I usually chose to get more tea, snuggle up on the couch and go from book to book looking up which are the best ingredients for this next thing or that.

Many days, as soon as I drop my purse on the bench after work, I am in the bathroom, digging out the turmeric and shea butter and blending, testing, a pinch of this and a dash of that, taking notes and seeing if I can really make a new eye shadow out of a spice.

It thrills me to no end to be where I am today and I don’t see it ending, ever.

Our dispensers for foaming hand soap are beautiful, with oil rubbed bronze pumps and amber colored glass.  (not plastic).  The foaming hand soap smells amazing!  My honey-vanilla body wash is divine.  The dog shampoo makes me feel good as a dog Mama and my family’s stash of lip balm, lotions and salves gives me pride.  Many of these are multi-purpose. All of them make me happy.

Hair pomade infused with rosemary essential oil

My journey into plant-based, chemical-free makeup is a complete joy. Everything in my makeup bag is made by me (and Mother Nature) and I actually love getting a little made up before work, nobody once guessing my eye shadow was made from rose petals or that my pink shimmer eye shadow is made from tart cherry powder.  Who would guess that my favorite lip color is a blend of beets, turmeric and blueberry extract or that I made a wonderful purple (or blue) gel eyeliner out of butterfly pea powder.  I feel GOOD now putting my makeup on. I feel nourished and glowing.

My makeup ranges from simple and glowing to dramatic and I love the versatility.  I am still testing and creating and learning.  I love every minute.

I feel absolutely radiant and happy to be making changes, to be promoting a simpler,  healthier and more colorful world! I love to empower not only woman but everyone, and show that you CAN reduce the chemicals, you CAN make a difference and you CAN GLOW.

And now you know how I got from the tea girl at the office to Wild Moon Holistic.

Its a lifestyle for me now. Its what I do.

Thanks for reading


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  1. alexraye says:

    i love that you’re sharing your journey! our stories are uncannily similar at the beginning, and then you went off and lived the dream 😉 i’m glad the green beauty space somehow “introduced” us! looking forward to learning more from your posts!


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