Simple is best

You might have seen me discuss this a wee bit.

You might have seen this hashtag on my Instagram at Wild Moon Holistic.

Sometimes I think I should explain it; but really, do need I to?

I think it is pretty self-explanatory.

Simple Is Best

I have to give credit to my 10-year-old.  He coined the phrase when he was selling his sandwiches a couple of weeks ago to raise money for the Black Footed Ferret.

I might go tangent on you all and give him a shout because he amazes me.

So until that post, just know he created a sandwich, which was the best seller of the day and it was one that was inspired by his own 10-year-old preference for any kind of food;  SIMPLE

Simple because simple is best.

Kid is genius

bread, mayo, turkey, lettuce.

Simple perfection.

Later when I was back in my lab (bathroom) and I created an eye-shadow out of rose petals ( OH YES I DID) I felt I had found PERFECTION. Later I added a wisp of gold mica for good measure, but was still over the moon in love with the simple simplicity of it all, there it was for all to see.  Simple is Best.

Eyeshadow made from roses. That’s all.



I shamelessly stole his muse and adopted his simple 10-year-old idealism. With that, a line of products was born.  With that one menu item, an idea was born in one very profound way.  I had found my clarity and THE message behind all I do, maybe behind all I am.  Maybe HE gravitated towards this ideal because his Mama lives by this mantra  (but let’s be fair and give credit where credit is due; he coined the simply beautiful phrase).

Flash forward to weeks later where the realization that almost everything I make for my body and home has, for the most part, only 3 or 4 ingredients:  all-natural, chemical-free, earth-friendly, body-loving, nature-inspired ingredients.

Hair tea.  This is my “Poo”


My no poo hair tea is just rose petals, lavender buds, beetroot juice and rosemary essential oil.  Sometimes this or that more.  Usually not.


Beets and flowers.

And the eye-shadow. OH THE EYE-SHADOW. That rose-gold delicious base makeup that I have worn every day since its birth. We are kindred.

My every day everything


How about deodorant?  Baking soda and tea tree, maybe lavender or maybe a jasmine essential oil. Usually just tea tree.  Blended for good measure.  DONE.  Wow.  No more stinky pits here.

How about facial skin care?  Tea based spritzers, maybe with aloe vera, maybe with coconut milk.  HEAVENLY SIMPLE

Face and hair spritzers.

Household cleaners?

Castille soap, baking soda, essential oils.  What??? Really, that’s IT??

Yes. That’s it.

Cleaning made simple


You see, this is my world.  My behind the scenes.  My inner drive. Less is more.  Less is everything to me, unless its less plants, you got me there.

Even my closet is just the basics.  Thirty or so pieces of shirts, pants, wraps, and including the accessories. (I might a few more in a jar, but I don’t wear them).

I’m a simple lady.  I quite literally have one pair of work shoes that I wear until they look horrible, one pair of walking shoes and fivepairsofconversebecasuetheyaremyfavorite

Converse are addicting.

I’m not perfect.

I have only one thing to say:

Simple IS Best and if you haven’t simplified any of your routines or rituals, any of your body products or household areas…TRY IT!

Less waste.  Less chemicals.  Less cost.  Less.

Less is more because to this crazy lady, Simple is Best.

Thank you to my JRAD.  You are simply the best. MY Brilliant soulful energetic honest sassy soul, wrapped up in a blond-haired-blue eyed Mama killer.

I have 3 of these mama slayers.  They are all …. incredible human beings and I think its safe to say that being their Mother was life’s biggest gift.  They teach me all the things that matter.  I cook them pasta I got the better end of the deal.

This is a simple post.

Now you know the big secret to life.

Simple is best.

Tell your friends (orkeepittoyourself) nah, tell your friends.



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  1. Paul says:

    Simply love this!

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    1. HA! Simply Grateful


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