DIY Coconut Vanilla Rose Facial Mist

9221a869-9364-4b86-85fe-2d0c8b73cfb8Greetings Blog World!

I know we have talked a little about facial mists, and even a little more about Roses

Rose infusions or rosewater, make a wonderful, simple mist for your face, hair and body.  Loaded with anti-oxidants, wonderful healing constituents and the essential oils in rose petals make for a FANTASTIC ingredient in your DIY, chemical-free, green, body and facial products. Rose water, or rose tea is fabulous for soothing skin and scalp.  Soothing for a light sunburn, and itchy dry or hot skin spots, you should really consider getting familiar with a good quality rose water or making infusions (tea).

I spritz rose tea on my dogs poor red tummy because she gets eczema and it soothes her belly fast! YAY for holistic pet care!

You really cannot go wrong and the possibilities are endless.


Again, I want to show how you can make one product for multiple uses. IF you make a rose infused mist and call it a day,  you get an A+ for giving your face, at any age you are, and any skin conditions you might have, so much natural goodness and loving care.  GREAT JOB.


Now, lets take this one step further.  A mist for your face can just as easily be used in your hair, AND if you are not doing this PLEASE TRY IT.  It will hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp (I make a hair wash with rose tea..HERE)

Lets add another fantastic ingredient shall we?

Coconut Milk!

I have spent a lot of years using coconut oil for many a body product or just applied to my skin for a soothing moisturizer.


Hello my pretties

Since coconut oil is so heavy and greasy I have been all over the block looking for a way to style and care for my curls without purchased products.  I decided to see if coconut MILK could be a lighter solution to the oil.

And yes, yes it was.

So out came the can of coconut milk (the full-fat canned kind)  and my jars, and my teas, with that wild woman look in my eye;  help for my unruly curls was born.

I LOVE this blend, maybe you’ll like it too:

DIY Coconut-Vanilla Rose Facial Mist & Hair Conditioner

  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup Rosewater, rose tea, essential oil or hydrosol.
  • 1-2 tablespoons Aloe Vera Juice or Gel
  • 1-2 tablespoon full-fat canned coconut milk.
  • 1 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract or Tincture.
  • Small glass bottle with fine mist sprayer.

This is so very easy peasy to make I hope you try it!

Boil 2 cups of water and add 3 tbs of your rose petals if you are making the infusion. And I hope you do!  Rose petals are divine.

Make your rose water in whatever method works for you.  If you are brewing tea let the petals steep for 3-5 minutes then remove, and let it cool.  SIP ON SOME!

In a glass measuring cup with a pour spout, add in your aloe vera juice, coconut milk, vanilla and stir gently.  Pour into your glass bottle and top off with the rose water.  I do this so I don’t waste any tea, becasue I make other things with my remaining tea OR you could just go have your shower and use the remaining rose water as a rinse for your hair and body knowing you’ll have an amazing conditioner when you get out.

Put on your mister lid and give it a few spritzes until its primed.  Close your eyes and take a moment to inhale the fine mist and aroma of Coconut-Vanilla-Rose deliciousness. ** YOU JUST EXPERIENCED AROMATHERAPY! WELL DONE YOU**

If you want it heavier, or more moisturizing (coconutty) add a second tablespoon of coconut milk. I usually use 2…mmmmm.

The Vanilla extract (or tincture) you are using may do more than just take you to aromatherapy-ville, it is also reported to be loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants for soothing and nourishing skin and hair.  I will be definately be doing more research into THIS heavenly ingredient.  It is claimed to be an aphrodisiac so mixed with rose, you might have just found another lovely use of this spray for romantic evenings! WIN. .

Spritz this fine mist into your hair generously, and if you have curly hair you will see how wonderful this light and hydrating mist refreshes your hair, especially for the ends.

Its hard to just use a FEW spritzes.  I love love LOVE this spray to the MOON and BACK. So my batch makes me about two-2 oz bottles, one for my bathroom and one for my purse.

It feels like a very light yet hydrating perfume or body mist and it smells like a sweet and tropical, floral vacation.

**NOTE**  Its probably worth mentioning some obvious points here:  As you can probably guess there aren’t any preservatives in this and I am very okay with it.  YOU COULD keep it in your refrigerator but I don’t.  Its in my bathroom next to my sink and the other bottle is on my desk or in my purse. This mist WILL go sour in about a week or so, probably depending mostly on the air temperature (good luck making it last that long).  So you definitely CAN keep yours in the fridge (and being that its winter right now it might last longer than in summer) BUT IF ANYTIME  you feel it smells off,  toss it and make a fresh batch.  Be sure to wash not only the bottle but the spray mister too by running hot soapy water and spritzing it till its clean.  I like to soak my bottles in HOT water with Castile soap.  This is just MY personal opinion but making small batches of DIY body products that are chemical and preservative free is worth the occasional need to toss one that turns.

** ANOTHER NOTE**  Its probably also worth mentioning too that your leftover remaining whole can minus one or two tablespoons of coconut milk can very easily be used for DIY home made COFFEE CREAMER. Stay tuned and we’ll discuss that very soon.

Coffee is ready

I hope you enjoy this mist as much as I do.  If you make it PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  I would love to hear all about it and IF you want to be creative or have specific skin and hair needs, you can add other ingredients to it!  IF you need help let me know in the comments!

ENJOY and I bet your face, hair and body will thank you!  Maybe also the environment.

~in health and happiness




6 Comments Add yours

  1. alexraye says:

    this sounds so soothing and lovely! my partner has 4b/4c hair, so i think he will love this. maybe i can talk him into making it this week! thank you for sharing!


    1. Let me know how he likes it! I think i am 2b/c… I have to look again, I forget LOL but it’s always getting knotted up. You can always tweak the formula to fit your hair porosity and type! I’m thinking about making more flax gel and seeing if I can’t blend it with this and try and have a hydrating setting spray. Xoxox


  2. Kristin says:

    Love this to get my curls going in the morning. What you gave me hasn’t gone bad yet, but I’m almost out, can I get more soon??? 🙂


    1. Of course! Any time!!!


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