Blue-ish Goo-a-Go-Go

It occurred to me that right before February, the month peppered with RED’s, and PINK’s, Roses and LOVE, I have been obsessed with Beetroot Juice, ROSES, FLOWERS and all things RED and FLORAL.  SO I am officially saving the rest of my red, pink and flowery posts, products and flowers for the month of LOVE.

Its January, and WINTER. Therefore I think BLUE is a better color for which to swoon over.  Luckily for ME I have just the fix.


Please forget that it looks PURPLE here. I assure you it’s BLUE (ish)

I present to you Simple is Best BLUE-GOO

It seems the hair gel that lives(d) in the cabinets of our home were all, oddly, BLUE.

Makes me wonder who decided that BLUE made it better?  Was it to market to boys, or to make it seem cooler.  Was it to attract us, like a bee to a flower?


HOWEVER, in the Spirit of trying to make something DIY and make it as authentic to the original store-bought version goo, I wanted to make mine blue too.

Well as it turns out I happen to have a wee bit of Butterfly Pea Powder just begging to be turned into something amazingly BLUE.

I also decided that anything I qualify as “Simple is Best” should be 3 ingredients or less…maybe.

Why is Simple Best you might ask?

Well lets take a quick look at the actual definition shall we?




Plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature or design; without much decoration or ornamentation.


(I am so happy that the word “MUCH” is included.  A LITTLE adornment is endearing, don’t you agree?)

So I consider the natural, plant-powered and simple ingredient of  butterfly pea powder to the GOO to make it BLUE still falls within the definition of SIMPLE, simply because its not MUCH adornments.


I can easily make it color free. The thing is, I LOVE COLOR.  I LOVE BEAUTY in all its forms. Making it blue makes me HAPPY.  Some sources even say its good for your hair.

Butterfly pea powder is reported to be full of bioflavaoinds, can promote hair growth and reduce the graying of hair.  The intent is to consume it as a tea, as teas are usually and historically used in this way.  To that I can only say “CHEERS, and BOTTOMS UP”

The use of herbs topically always fascinates me.  Especially if you infuse the herb and apply it to your skin in some fashion.  The amazing plant constituents do absorb into the skin in the same way a chemical in a hair gel, or lotion.  Only difference (and this is THE MAIN POINT) is what is being absorbed is GOOD FOR YOU.  So research is always being done and studies are always being written.  My journey as a therapist and herbalist is to continue to learn and grow, and always strive to find creative ways to use the blessings of Mother Nature for our bodies, health and well-being.

So make your goo BLUE.  Do not worry about the “colorant” being harmful. Its NOT a chemical. IT IS not made in a lab, it came to us, courtesy of Mother Nature.

As a (store-bought) product-free curly girl,  I found this hair styling gel even better than my DIY flax seed gel (which I like well enough despite it feeling like snot)

Still being absolutely SIMPLE,  this is my uncomplicated, not MUCH adorned, chemical-free, hair styling gel:

DIY Blue-Goo-A-Go-Go

(the gel recipe may be simple but I get to name it what I want)

  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel
  • 1/4 – 1/3 teaspoon Xantham Gum
  • 3-5 drops Rosemary essential oil (another great ingredient for hair health, growth and grays)
  • AND 1/2 teaspoon Butterfly Pea Powder

Xantham gum, simply mixed with water creates a wonderful hair styling gel that has    Minimal flaking, and keeps curls intact, even in high humidity (ROCK STAR for Curly Peeps).  So you are getting excellent hold, soft hair, no messy flakes and lasting power.

See! Same goo, different light.  BLUE

For Curly Girls, rub a bit between both hands and run your gooey hands through your damp hair.  SCRUNCH a BUNCH and put it back in that Tee-shirt for a little while longer.

Dry and style as you do.

I wish I had a better method of getting pics of MY MOP because it was just soft and bouncy after washing, and diffusing lightly dry with the Blue-Goo, AND after I slept in it in a scrunchy-bun.

It is soft AND curly and NOT at all sticky, stiff or … dry and crunchy.  Dry and crunchy hair makes me sad.

This gel also makes a wonderful in-between-wash refresher (especially for us Curlies)

I like to refresh my hair by spritzing a bit of my DIY coconut-vanilla-rose hair & face mist, and then scrunch some of this gel here and there, especially at the ends and anywhere I want to re-shape.

My hair is so happy with just a bit of gel!  The committee is not yet out how I will define Simple is Best.  It started out as a tribute to my little man but has taken root and blossomed into an idea that really appeals to me.  I will get back to you after making some executive Wild Moon decisions.  I am after all …The BOSS!

You know what else is BOSS?


Whether you are curly-haired or straight, 10 years-old, female, male, unicorn or mermaid.  If you use hair gel and want a chemical-free but still blue (or clear) option, go try it.

Oh, and welcome to BLUE MONTH!

~in health and happiness



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