Radish Ravings

Hello Dear Friends!

I have been busy tending my almost overflowing garden, guarding my tomatoes, pacing over my peppers and RAIDING my RADISHES.  At the moment they are the stars of the show!  They are what’s ready to pluck and eat so they are being checked daily (maybe twice daily) to see if they are big enough to be nibbled, noshed and savored.  What I have been doing is eating the ripe, spicy, just-picked radish right there on the spot ( I have an obsession with garden noshing).  Left with the greens I have felt a triumphant glee at starting to put the left over greens into a little hole in the soil that I have set aside for a wee little compost spot covered with a pot.

And by all rights that is an AMAZING practice.  The end.

Or is it?

Always wondering what more could I do to make the very best use of my labors, I did wonder, confident I knew, could you eat the radish greens?

By modern miracle of the internet and a few of my school books I got my answer!

YES, YES YOU CAN EAT RADISH GREENS and now my garden to table baby has grown a little taller!



So in comes my radish selection today (one for the road, one for frying pan!)

Coming in at 6 calories slightly over a half cup (I used one radish green so that probably measures out to less than a quarter cup) 12 mg Sodium, 100 mg Potassium (NICE) and 1 g of fiber I am pretty happy.  20% Vitamin A, 33% Vitamin c,  8% daily calcium and 4% Iron this Garden Mama has her new star of the day!

Radishes also grow from seed to mouth in mere weeks.  (Like 2, 3 if you want them bigger and have patience unlike me)

Well washed and chopped I am simmering my farm fresh breakfast taking mental score of what I grew, and what I had to buy; let’s see..


Butter, eggs (sad),  garlic, (coming soon), mushroom, salt and Tobasco from the STORE  =6

Radishes AND GREENS, herb medley (rosemary, basil, tarragon and mint), tomato ripe and freshly picked,  =7 loosely, I counted the radish AND greens separately LOL

Is there a downside?  Ate it too fast!




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