Body Confidence

®Let’s put away the tomatoes for a minute and talk about something I know a lot of people, men and woman, struggle with.

Body Confidence.

Insecurities, body hatred, self-loathing, eating disorders, and the like can all be rolled up into one mixed bag of feelings. A lifetime of yo-yo dieting, self-sabotaging your goals, plastic surgery, and a lifetime of chasing eternal youth and perfection all can stem from never feeling we are good enough.  Many paths can lead to this long list of struggles, and it seems, from my experience, that we all want more confidence; namely with our bodies.

Feeling we can’t connect, in those all to difficult formative teen and pre-teen years because we haven’t developed the same way our peers have, or being taller than the rest, anything, literally ANYTHING that causes us to feel alone or disconnected can leave to a lifetime of self-loathing, lack of confidence, insecurities, unhealthy boundaries and more.

Messages that we are not loved, lovable or just plain good enough for whatever source or whatever reason can wreak havoc on our psyche and start us on a path of years of unhappiness, depression, anxiety and on.

Skip ahead a few decades to when we start facing aging, our bodies change again (woman especially) and we can be rolled all over with feelings of lack, hanging on to our vitality, energy, (muscle tone) LOL and the lot and we can be plagued all over again with not feeling good enough, and not feeling confident in our bodies.

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I have worked with clients with all manor of struggles dealing with their beliefs about their bodies and how they relate to their world because of that.  People can easily be fighting conflicting beliefs about themselves, and when we have conflicting beliefs in our minds, that usually translates into failed goals. Our mind cannot believe we CAN be fit, and that its NOT SAFE to be.

So spending some time unraveling where the conflicting or limiting beliefs are and originated is KEY.

I help people do just that by using RTT® (Rapid Transformation Therapy).

Contact me to schedule a free consultation call if you are curious to see if RTT is a good fit for your needs.  There is no obligation.

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