Shifting Gears here on WMH

Hello Lovelies!

How is EVERYONE doing in these challenging changing times??

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Some things here at WMH have changed a LOT, I am working from home some days, I’ve been finishing up school (YAY) and life in Southern California is getting smaller and smaller in terms of freedoms.

Some things I LOVE is how friendly people are when you pass them on a walk.  Everyone is saying hello (from a distance) or Mom’s are on the driveway with kids doodling in sidewalk chalk. We are OUTSIDE (because we can’t go out?) Its fascinating how when we can’t do something we rail against it but when we could, NO ONE was out with all their doodle-bugs making art on the driveway.

I miss the rock climbing gym and bbq’s with friends.  I miss family time and I miss dining out.  I DO LOVE all the creativity that these challenges are inspiring.  I love life quieting down a little.  I know it won’t last long and I am a little happy its rainy and gloomy out because if its NICE and WARM I would be craving to be off and running.

One new thing that is exciting is that I have finished my final exams for my RTT® training.  (Click on the RTT link to learn all about my training)!

My education journey was picture perfect for me and I absolutely LOVE the tools in my bag to provide dynamic and effective rapid help for people who want freedom from whatever blocks or issues they may be having or struggling with. I love that on top of my RTT® credentials, I still have my wonderful Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Nutrition Consultant skills to add in.  I feel so blessed to have this unique and wonderful education that suit me perfectly!

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I will be talking about RTT® here on this blog and I might update the blog title to reflect my new modality so look for some slight changes soon.

Just wanted to pop in here and check in, I have been so busy and put bath bombs on hold for now in order to wrap up my schooling.. for now.

I am busy preparing the business details so I can get to work!  FINALLY!!

I love how life evolves and changes and expands. Its just the best thing ever and I am so grateful for all of YOU!


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